Why scaling back is actually good for you

Nov 14, 2018Reflection

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Do you have too many ideas? Don’t know what’s up or down? Then maybe scaling back is what you need to do.

We all end up there at one point or another. Something I’ve learned over time is that my accountability partner has the ability to make me think and reflect and she may not even know that’s what she does.

Sometimes the water’s can get muddy when we take too many steps all at once.

I like being busy and I love taking action on ideas when they excite me but truth be told, I don’t always think them through.Yep, I am a jump in head first kind of person which doesn’t always allow room for clarity of the ideas purpose. It’s a creatives problem to have.

And that’s what happens when we meet time and again and I am spewing off another one of my crazy ideas. And slowing down isn’t a bad thing. It’s the moment to reflect and see where you are and where you really want to go.

Through stepping back, you can rekindle the things you’ve let slip on the wayside. You can spend doing more of what you want to do rather than be on the roller coaster of all the doing.

I believe that having ideas is great and I also believe that they come to you because they are meant for you to leap into action. I also recognize that the timing is off, but usually not until much later. It’s just how I roll.

Here’s what you need to know:

It’s okay to step back a little and slow down. This isn’t a race of who can do how much in whatever time frame.

Each idea is essentially built on another idea and sometimes slowing down helps you gain a much clearer picture of how it will play out in the big scheme of things.

Does this mean to let go of your ideas?

Not even close. But sometimes it helps to let the ideas marinade so you can be crystal clear. You have to feel into them and pay attention to your mind and body.

I will eventually revisit the idea I had and see if it’s still a good fit or if it’s better to just let it go.

Even though I believe ideas are meant for you, and I think you also need to take action on them, sometimes the action is not doing anything at all.

Sometimes inspired ideas can actually lead you away, as if it’s testing you and throwing you a curveball.

If you are also an idea generator and tend to take immediate action, take some pause.

Think about if this idea is really helping you create the life you want, and if it doesn’t, just let it marinate for a while.

If it is truly meant to be a reality, it will not let you go – ever!

And you know what that means, it’s time to act!


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