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Feb 28, 2022Happiness

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When we’re young, getting people to like us is surprisingly easy. We’re thrown into school and college situations where making friends and building relationships is easy. 

However, getting people to like us as an adult generally takes more work. As you get older, making friends becomes increasingly challenging. 

The good news, though, is that there are many things that you can do to get the people around you to like you more. Here’s your game plan: 

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Don’t Condemn, Complain Or Criticize

Putting people down, complaining, or criticizing is one of the easiest things in the world to do. In fact, it’s one of the primary hallmarks of modern psychology. We all have “first-world problems.” 

Avoiding these habits, though, can transform how the people around you see you. Suddenly, you appear more mature, forgiving, and approachable. People like the fact that interacting with you is not a burden. Instead, it’s something that you can do easily. 

Remember Their Name

Remembering someone’s name is another great way to get people to like you. That’s because people feel a profound sense of attachment and identity with their name. When you remember it, it feels like you’re remembering them and what they’re all about (even if you don’t have a clue). 

Be Interested In Other People

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Being genuinely interested in other people is one of the most powerful and profound ways to win them over. Remember, most people want to talk about themselves and the problems that they face. Getting people to like you means showing proper interest in those around you, including in charities and things like that. You can choose to make a donation and give back, even if you can’t interact directly with others. Your ability to interact with people is going to depend greatly on whether you are introverted or not – but you can do it! If you can be the person who shows interest in their feelings, emotions, impulses, goals, ambitions, and so on, you can often have a productive and healthy relationship.

Be More Charming

Charm is a rare commodity in the modern world. Most people in situations of authority try to get things done through brute force. 

But charm is heaven’s way. It’s about humbling yourself around other people so that they feel better about being with you. You want to lower yourself and be still. 

Correct Your Appearance

We all know that appearances matter, however, many people insist that they don’t want to judge a book by its cover. That’s why procedures, such as teeth whitening, chemical peels, and even Botox are gaining popularity. 

Again, it’s not about addressing some deep-seated confidence issues. Instead, it’s more to do with changing how others perceive you. You’re making cosmetic enhancements to your appearance that will hold sway over other people. 

Acknowledge Your Mistakes

Many people pretend that they don’t make mistakes. However, the people around them do. 

Making mistakes can be bad, but not admitting to them is often even worse. To get people to like you, be totally upfront about your personal failures and the things that you regularly get wrong. Don’t allow your ego to convince you that you need to be perfect all the time. You don’t. 

Never Try To Win An Argument

Trying to win an argument is a pointless pursuit. You can’t change people’s minds with the force of your words or the cleverness of your arguments. 

Instead, you want to adopt a different mentality – one where you “go with the flow”. Forget about arguing and concentrate on the other person. Then there will be no resistance. 


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