How to create your own happiness

Create your own happiness by being you and always true to yourself. Happiness looks so different for everyone and sometimes we can get lost in what it all means.

We have created the idea of happiness according to what other people define as happiness. And I won’t want to say that sad, frustrating or shitty days do not happen – of course, they do but that doesn’t define your overall happiness.

How do you know that you are experiencing a moment of happiness?

When you have that moment where everything feels right in your world and you feel alive that is happiness.

Finding it difficult to contain your excitement is a complete moment of happiness.

A side effect of experiencing this moment is that your own energy will feel different to you as well as others. It feels like a buzzing in and around you, you could leap for joy and maybe high-five the universe.

During these moments of happiness, you can see things with clarity and have a deep understanding of who you are. A happy moment is being comfortable in your own skin.

How do we bring more of this feeling into your everyday life?

We don’t want to feel happy just every now and then.  We want more of this feeling, and we want it all the time. But we get lost in how to make it happen.

The short answer is, do all the things that make you happy and that excite you and tune out any outside influences that may interfere.

Following your own happiness is not just an idea in your head. Being happy is a continued movement for you to meet your own needs in working towards the life you want.

It means actively engaging every single day and take action.  It is not sitting on the sideline and watching just pass by. When we allow life to just happen we will find ourselves frustrated and stuck.

Create your own happiness by following your own dreams, the passions that ignite you from inside of you. It’s more than just a calling because you know you want happiness every single day.

Having a happy life is a journey and never a destination and you don’t have to wait with these 6 tips!

  1. Be grateful and give daily recognition of everything amazing in your life. In your gratitude practice, include your successes for that day. It is so powerful to affirm gratitude and success to bring in more happiness.
  2. Allow yourself to be open and curious about opportunities and the people that come into your life. There is so much we can learn from each other and just maybe you learn something new about yourself.
  3. Connect with your friends by letting them know what they mean to you with kind words and compliments. Allow time for them because sharing laughter with others is much more conducive to your happiness.
  4. Make blissful living your purpose and do that deliberately. Even when things aren’t going as perfect as hoped there is always something to learn from. It creates room for growth and a deeper understanding.
  5. Do the things that make you happy! Work in a career that you would do for free, engage in activities that are fun for you such as hobbies and make your home exactly what you want it to be.
  6. Be you without apology because life is too short to be anyone else. You will attract happiness and the right kind of people when you allow yourself to just be your true self.

You are in control to create your own happiness and it’s not something that just happens to some people.

When focusing on all the negative things in your life, happiness will not be present. Instead, it will feel unreachable. Decide today that you want a happy life and focus on the positive and if those 6 steps aren’t enough for you, then schedule a clarity session and we’ll uncover what’s holding you back from creating the life you want!

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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