Confidence Is Your Secret Weapon

Feb 19, 2022Happiness

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Did you know that confidence is your secret weapon to building the life of your dreams? I want to share some tips and advice that hopefully help you get there.

The key to success in any area of your life is confidence. I like to think of it as a secret weapon that helps you keep doubt and guilt at bay. It’s your very own superpower that you can (and should) develop and nourish over the coming weeks and months.

Starting to make progress and taking these little baby steps towards your goals are great confidence builders. Don’t be afraid to go back to taking small baby steps whenever you feel like you’re losing confidence in yourself or stressing out about how monumental the task you’ve set yourself is.

Setting and reaching milestone goals area also great in breaking it down and boosting your confidence in yourself. If your goal is to lose a large amount of weight, break it down into 10-pound increments and focus all your energy on reaching that next 10-pound loss. Celebrate your successes.

The same works when you’re paying off debt. Start with one credit card for example and get it paid off. Reaching those smaller goals is a great confidence booster.

Tracking your overall progress is not only smart but helps you see that you’re making progress. Sometimes it’s hard to see how far you’ve come in the day-to-day activities of regular life. Chart your progress on a calendar, a large graph hanging on your fridge, in a document on your computer, or even in an app on your phone. Look at how far you’ve come whenever you feel like giving up. It’s nice to have a visual reminder that what you’re doing is working and giving you the results you want and need.

Last but not least, find some cheerleaders to cheer you on and tell you how well you’re doing. This could be a close friend or family member, or it could be a group of like-minded people that you connect with locally or online. The beautiful thing about the internet is that we can find people with the same or similar goals in lots of groups and forums.

Our very own Community is a great place to connect, compare tips, ideas, and results, and of course celebrate each other successes and serve as a source of encouragement. Getting some 1:1 support can also be helpful!

The most important part is that you keep going and keep working towards crafting the life you’ve always wanted.


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