Ready to live life to the rhythm of your heart + soul?

The Rebels Den with Petra Monaco

I believe that getting started and doing it imperfectly is better than not doing anything at all because the perfect time to take action and be ready to follow your dreams + goals is always now.

I believe in pattern-interruptous – process of disrupting the thoughts, beliefs and stories that tell you, you can’t be who you are and do what you want in your life.

I believe in making an impact, in breaking free from the status quo and creating your own legacy by never giving up and always pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone.

I help freedom-seeking rebels to follow their intuition, embrace who they are while they are taking action towards their dreams + goals – whether it’s writing a book, starting a business, pivoting in life or business, or just focusing on personal goals.

Rebels Academy

This is for you if are ready to trust yourself to create a life + business on your terms with mastermind support.

All programs below are also part of the Rebels Academy!

Rebel Incubator

Rebel Incubator Business Blueprint for creating solid strategies with content that makes sense.

Business Foundation Course

In this Business Foundation course, get the basic concepts of getting started creating your own business.

30 Day Business Challenges

You can start marketing your business one day, one small step at a time, and see results! 

Level Up your Social Media

Ready-made engaging content for you to use so you can reach your audience in places that they hang out. 

Heal +Grow through Writing

Journal is a path of self-exploration where you challenge yourself to write from a place of honesty to heal.

Wordpress Website Course

Learning WordPress will save you time and money! Take this workshop, you’ll know how to do these things yourself!

Email Marketing Course

Building an email list doesn’t have to be complicated the email marketing workshop will help you!

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