Upon A Burning Body at the Canal Club

Sep 21, 2019Music Corner

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I first saw and heard Upon A Burning Body at last year’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival and immediately liked their work. If you tuned into last weeks music corner, this show came at the heels of the Blue Ridge Rock Festival.

If you’re new around here, I am a huge fan and supporter Season who were part of this nights event and once again it was an epic night to be had with these guys.

And this time around, I caught some new acts such as WoR, of Virtue and Speaking with Ghosts.

WoR at the Canal Club

I absolutely loved WoR. WoR is out of Raleigh, NC. Their music is field with anti-authoritarian lyrics and aggressive metal riffs and harmonic leads. Add to that mid tempo beats and Metalcore breakdowns you have an amazing recipe for losing your damn mind.

They reminded me a bit of the death and trash metal scene from the 80’s making me feel right at home.

WoR was so kind to sign their set list for me that I’ll be hanging on my music wall and indeed grateful for the interaction – you can just tell when you approach musicians. And those are definitely my kind of people – and I hope to catch them sometime soon again – even if it’s traveling to North Carolina, which of course wouldn’t be the first time.

It was an absolute incredibly night Of Virtue hails from Michigan but has already reached almost 25 countries since their creation just few years ago.

Speaking With Ghosts is a Metalcore band from Chicago, formed in 2015 absolutely brought their intense live performance with positive lyrics & hard hitting riffs. 

Upon A Burning Body grew out of the heart of Texas, and there is no mistaking that whenever you go to one of their shows. UABB brings their unabashed aggression and ferocity to each show and their live performance can be everything you hope for when you go to one of their shows.

Upon A Burning Body at the Canal Club


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