Try Stream of Consciousness Journaling

Stream of Consciousness Journaling is a wonderful way to tap into your deep thoughts and feelings, find triggers, and get more clarity. There are different methods of journaling, but one that helps the most with creative slumps and getting unstuck is a stream of consciousness journaling. Keep reading to learn more about this form of journaling and how it can help you.

What is Stream of Consciousness Journaling?

First, it helps to understand what stream of consciousness writing is. This form of journaling just requires you to write. That’s it. Write about anything and everything you think about. Just get out your journal, find a blank page, and start writing what first comes to your mind.

Your thoughts will sometimes go in order based on priority, sometimes they are jumbled and all over the place. Just like when you are thinking about something, writing in this manner often goes from one thought, bouncing to the next, which then creates a brand new dialogue in your head.

Why Does it Help with Being Stuck?

Stream of consciousness journaling is similar to doing a brain dump, where you get all those jumbled thoughts and complex feelings out on paper. It makes it feel like you are emptying your stress, worries, and fears and making more sense out of them. A lot of times, it provides you with more clarity and you might even have a big “aha!” moment, where suddenly everything makes perfect sense.

Writing about what is bothering you or confusing you can help you to find what went wrong and caused you to get stuck in the first place.

How it Gets Your Creative Juices Flowing

Stream of consciousness journaling is also tremendously helpful for creative ruts. If you can’t seem to find inspiration or just aren’t interested in your creative passions anymore, then try writing in a journal first. What happens is that you get rid of the creative blocks in your mind. Maybe you were too worried about work or school, stressed about someone in your life, or dealing with something more serious. Through clarity, you gain the inspiration you were lacking and feel like you are getting a fresh start.

The great thing about this type of journaling is that it can be done anywhere, at any time. You don’t need to use journaling prompts, and you don’t need a fancy journal. Find a blank piece of paper and something to write with, set a timer, and just write whatever comes to mind.

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