How to find out what you love to do in 5 Steps

How many times have you heard that you should do what you love?
And how many times have you thought “that’s all well and nice” but …

  • I don’t know what I love to do
  • I can’t fit it into my schedule
  • I have no idea how to find out what I love to do

It can be overwhelming when you hear “do what you love” with no real solution attached because, in all honesty, it is easier said than done.
All too often you may feel trapped in the jobs you hate because you can’t see your way out of it.

Fear of failure and fear of success.

This is where it all begins – fear.

  1. Ask yourself. Shut off all the extra noise and ask yourself what you love to do. Sit with it in silence. Do not check Facebook and do not check your email or watch television. Don’t be afraid of the answer, just allow it to come to you.
  2. Create a list of interests and skills. Don’t hold back just begin to write it all down. Skills are evidence of your strength while interests are simply what you would love to do.
  3. Look at your list and find the commonality amongst your skills and interest. All too often your skills will support your interests and vice versa. Then ask yourself what would I love to do with the set of skills and interests I have that could bring value to the people?
  4. As you look at your list of skills and interest and possibilities, which one of those make you excited about the possibility to do it for the rest of your life. This is the one that lights you up and perhaps even has you all giddy.
  5. Don’t let money be the primary motivator. The key identifier here is that you will love doing it no matter how much or little money you may be making in it. Because if it truly is your passion, it will support you 100%.

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