The Power Of One In The Age Of Social Media

The power of one in the age of social media is vast because prior to platforms like Facebook, iTunes, and Youtube, it took an infusion of cash and a whole production team to create content that could make a widespread impact. The very nature of the industry made it nearly impossible for one person to make a difference without an agent and a crew.

Nowadays, that is no longer the case. One person with an iPhone can make a huge difference with minimal cost. Case in point: Nusier Yassin, or Nas, as he is known on Facebook.

Beginning in 2017, Nas started posting a one-minute video to Facebook every day. Every. Single. Day. His page, Nas Daily, currently has over 110 million views and growing every day. He has traveled non-stop for a year and created content that has led him to be dubbed a social media influencer.

In his life, this translates to being comped rooms, airline tickets, and more. It also means people are paying attention to what he says. His messages are of hope, community, and love. A Harvard graduate who, at 25, was working for Venmo, he realized his life was “32%” over and decided to make sure that he didn’t spend the rest of his life sitting at a desk.

His personal goal is to make one million friends on Facebook, and make one million dollars before he is thirty. He is already well on his way.

Social media gives each one of us more influence and power than ever before, and with that power comes responsibility. Nas and others like him are making a difference and using their influence to shift the collective mindset world-wide. Nas has shot video in over 25 countries now, including Japan, Italy, and Thailand. He has brought attention to important issues and worked to break down barriers. His simple one-minute commentary is broadening minds and closing gaps that divide people.

Social media is a platform for anyone, anywhere, to be heard on matters that mean the most to them. A common phrase heard repeated around the world is “Youtube and Google know everything”. This means you can be a part of the collective conscious that shares their knowledge and know how.

No matter your communication preference or your message, there is a platform for you. Don’t like to speak? Try using Instagram. Love to chat, but hate video? Become a podcaster. Enjoy being front and center stage? A Youtube channel may be just the thing. Any way you go, get ready to influence others, and make a lasting difference.

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