You Don’t Have To Make A Big Impact To Make A Difference

Jul 2, 2021Discovery

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You don’t have to make a big impact to make a difference! I started volunteering in my community and teach workshops on how to live well with chronic conditions – some of the things that they could do every day. Every time I facilitate a workshop, at the end of our time together, people tell us how could they thought it was and the impact it made on their lives.

Everyone loves a grand gesture. On Social Media platforms, GoFundMe drives are shared that can raise insane amounts of money in a short amount of time. You’ve seen the reality shows that highlight men and women making a difference and reward them in grand style. There is no doubt that it’s fun and amazing to be generous on a large scale – but that isn’t the only way to make an impact.

You don’t have to make a big impact to make a difference. You don’t have to go broke giving or occupy the spotlight. To do small things is valuable and vital in every way. The ability to make some progress filling a need, or to spend small bits of your time all matter. No matter who you are or what your limitations might be: you can affect change, be part of a solution, and do your part for a cause that matters to you.

Let’s look at some practical ways you can use your time to make a difference:

  • Walk dogs at a shelter
  • Rock babies in the NICU at the hospital
  • Work for a candidate whose platform you believe in during campaign season
  • Provide free services for the elderly

Here are some small ways to invest in making a difference:

  • Make small monthly contributions to a homeless shelter
  • Buy food for an animal rescue program
  • Pledge a missionary’s overseas journey
  • Support agencies that send items to troops

These are some great ways to use your talents in a small way:

  • Tutor students and the community college
  • Coach a sports team
  • Teach a skill to elderly residents at a skilled nursing facility
  • Volunteer your talent at the local community center

Small investments in time, money, or talent are easy and effective. It doesn’t take much to leave your mark and lighten the load for a cause or need that is out there. Be assured that not everyone can make large donations of time, money, and energy. Most organizations rely on people who have a wide variety of giving options. Even if your time and resources are limited, they are still in high demand.

Even when you are giving to your family, it isn’t always about quantity. It’s about the quality of your investment with them. Something as small as including a note in your child’s lunch can make a positive impact on them. A voicemail on your spouse’s phone can brighten their day. Sending a card to a dear friend for no reason could mean more than you may know.

Challenge yourself to do one small thing each day this week to make an impact, and witness how much reaction you get compared to your effort. Be someone who cares, take interest in those around you, and notice the impact you have.


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