The One Doubt Every Dreamer Has

Jan 2, 2020Abundance

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Self-doubt is the one doubt every dreamer has and it can stop you in the tracks of setting clear goals and take focused action. Self-Doubt will move you in the inferno of procrastination and leave you wondering about the date of your success.

I’ve been there!

  • 10 years ago, my son was very ill due to a failed liver transplant but we didn’t know that and there was some doubt about his future
  • 10 years ago, we were struggling to pay out bills or feed our family of 6 and there was doubt on how we could overcome this
  • 10 years ago, I didn’t like myself very much and was frustrated with life in general and doubted my dreams would ever take off

Self-doubt has kept me stuck longer than I’d like to admit as the concerns of how will I/we survive and get out of the spiral of barely making it.

  • Today, my son is well and healthy and he makes life fun and interesting.
  • Today, our bills are paid, we have food and our I’m becoming a grandma for the first time.
  • Today I not only like myself, I actually think I’m pretty awesome, and while I still get frustrated, those are only moments not days and months on end.

So what’s the change?

The change is that I decided to have a different life, to tell a different story and to start living instead of existing. I worked on the thoughts in my head that come up whenever I have an idea or a dream I am focusing on.

The change is that I started to work from the inside out, getting really honest with myself about a lot of things and decided to shed all the layers of the cloaks I thought I had to wear.

You have a choice every single day: Stay where you are OR decide + commit to making changes and then show up for them.

You can one doubt every dreamer has head-on and tell them not today…

  • Today you will choose you, your dreams and your goals!
  • Today you will choose to believe in yourself
  • Today you decide you are enough in every way

And you don’t have to do it alone.

Join me in The Gathering and start taking on small step at a time.


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