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Jul 2, 2019Abundance

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Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to believe that life will ever be any better than what it is. This is probably true for most of us when we are living within the same limitation presented and provided by our families. We question whether we deserve the x-amount of the paycheck. Sure, we want it because frankly, life would probably be a lot less stressful, but then it comes down to do we even deserve it.

My thought is, of course, you do!

However, the belief system around money that we have when we grow up is the one shown to us by the adults in our lives in our childhood. If your family pinches a penny to survive, it is what must be done BUT it will cause you to be trapped within that system. But what IF you make just enough and you don’t have to pinch pennies?

When I embarked on the path of figuring out my money issues and what was holding me back I tried to remember my childhood and the impact money had on my belief system.

As a foster kid it, I struggled with this. On one hand, my foster family had money. We had a nice house, we had food on the table, we went on vacation and I was enrolled in several extracurricular activities. But when I moved to a foster home, I still had all those things, and in both instances, I never saw the money.

Then I was around my parents, my dad who worked and drank the money away although he appeared to live comfortabl. Still having an apartment and food on the table, taking his vacations.

I don’t recall my mom having a job so again anything money related wasn’t really brought up.

And even after moving to the states I was depended on people to take care of me, accepting that I don’t have money, I didn’t need money. But it caused me a lot of difficulties with bad credit and struggling to know that I could absolutely be the provider for my children that THEY needed me to be.

It’s taken me years to work around my mindset around money. And it’s kinda like going down the rabbit hole and believing that the life you want is possible requires the journey inward.

After a lot of work and self-growth and studying I finally (and I mean finally) landed a job I could love. A job that I have been doing for more than a year. A job that makes me feel good and something that I am passionate about. I finally felt and feel secure enough to deal with my money issues – being smart about my spending and prioritizing so that I may have some fun too.

But I didn’t initially believe that I could change any of it. Perhaps I was destined to always struggle and fight and show how to still feel good despite the hardships. But something changed.

I continued with the inward journey addressing how I thought and felt about money. That deep dark work that’s brutally honest.

And then I became self-employed and my money issues while improved at that point took another dive. I had previously worked so hard on reaching the level I felt comfortable at with the job I had. Now I had to start all over again.

And so I did.

Believing just a little, you will have the job or business of your dreams. Set it out into motions. Speak your dream and the universe will slowly help you make it happen.

Believing a smidgenthat you can be the kind of parent you want to be, speak it out to the universe and watch yourself transform.

Believing that you are the person you have always been and want to own it to its fullest. Speak it out loud – do a little work but know that your transformation began with the second you spoke about it.

If you believe a little, speak to the universe about all the good things you dream about to have and make happen and the universe will answer.

Everything that is meant for you will happen at just the right time.


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