Do you have a health goal that you’ve been trying to reach?

Ever since my son’s recovery and upwards track of doing well with his health, I found myself wanting to be healthier. During our medical journey and ensuring his well-being, I added 25 lbs. to my weight and it was so easy to miss. When you live in the hospital day in and day out, you tend to live in sweatpants.

And for the last 5 years, I’ve been working on finding my way back to my own health and a body that feels good. I’ve tried numerous diet paths and started running but it was always hit or miss with staying on track.

And although I made some progress, I want to do a bit more and perhaps keep on track a little bit better.

I am excited that my friends at Ultimate Bundles came up with what I think is a practical and helpful idea (and it’s free!)

It’s called Five to Flourish and here’s how it works: you pick a health goal you want to work on. Each goal has five simple daily habits and if you complete those habits every day, you’ll be well on your way to making that important health goal a part of your life!

Tackle your next health goal

When you register for the Five to Flourish Health Habit Trackers, you’ll get recommendations from healthy living experts and printable habit trackers to help you:

  • have a balanced and productive day
  • reduce sedentary time
  • increase energy levels
  • maintain a healthy mindset
  • learn something new every day
  • improve your digestive health
  • fuel your fitness goals
  • prepare for your 2020 garden
  • encourage healthy, lifelong habits for your kids
  • enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep

What if you could get motivation and a list of simple, daily tasks to make it easy to crush your next health goal? Take these practical strategies and apply them to your life…and make this goal a habit. 

Plus, you’ll also get some blank habit trackers so you can customize them for exactly what you need!

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Petra Monaco

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