Develop Your Soul Goals!

Many people fall into the trap of only focusing on goals for themselves! This means to miss the real magic which is unleashed when we set soul goals.

Occasionally when I talk with people about goals they seem to interpret the intention of goals as being to get more things. Naturally, things are important but there is so much more to goal setting that I wish to share with you.

Of course it is important to have goals for new things …

  • Perhaps your dream home by the ocean …
  • Maybe a nice shiny new car to get you around in style …
  • or even a new iPod to listen to your music on

It’s great to work towards new things, but not for the things themselves, rather what they will make of you to get them.

But there is another type of goal which I want to challenge you to think about and begin to set. It’s soul goals! Now I know you are wondering … what are soul goals and how do they apply to me and my life? Great question, so come with me and discover why you will soon be applying them in your life.

Soul goals are those goals that are larger than you! They are goals that impact other people and the world around you. They are goals that you invest your heart and soul into without any expectation of return. These goals are what gives life its passion, purpose & meaning!

I’m not suggesting that you will want to pursue grand goals that have a profound impact on the world around you … rather, that you look deep inside yourself and find something that you have a passion to contribute to the world.

  • What is it that you feel a sense of desire to do something about?
  • What cause can you see yourself adding value to?
  • What community, national or global projects are calling you to them and resonating with you?

All of us need soul goals that we can invest our hearts, our minds, and our souls into. We all need to feel a connection with something larger than ourselves. It’s inherent in our being to want to give without expectation of return.

As you search for your deeper meaning now, open your mind and heart to the infinite possibilities to match your unique skills, wisdom, specialized knowledge, compassion, assets, contacts, networks, creativity, and genius to. As you read these words knowing what you know about your incredible untapped capacity you can find a way to apply it in some way for the greater good.

Seek them! Set your them! Share your them! Pursue your them! Grow them!

Encourage others to adopt soul goals! Here is a noble thought … for every five goals I set for me I have one soul goal to help thee! Soul goals are paying back your debt of gratitude for the good fortune you have to be able to pursue your personal or business goals.

So add a little soul into your goals!

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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