How not having a goal keeps you stuck

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never scoring.”

Bill Copeland

It wasn’t that long ago when I couldn’t fathom going after my dreams and goals. I would get up and go about the motions to just survive every single day.

I’ve always been a dreamer but I didn’t really have a clue on how to turn those dreams into goals and then actually make them my reality.

The other day I posted that if you don’t like your life, your job or your situation, decide to make a change and then commit to it – one step at a time. Here’s the thing, it isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to take a tremendous amount of willingness to look at the dark side of things and to be honest with yourself.

I believe the first step is to give yourself permission to believe a different life is possible, to believe that you can heal – maybe not 100% but in such a way that you don’t allow anything to get in the way.

Once permission is given, then choose one goal that you want to focus on. Too many goals at one time will leave you overwhelmed and hinder you in taking action.


Beginning with the end in mind is the endowment of imagination. Goals help you focus, and the quality of your attention is enhanced by having a project so cool and interesting that you can’t help but make a leap.

Let’s say you want a different job, ask yourself why you want this new job and what will this job give you. Get clear on this and you’re halfway there.

Or maybe you don’t like where you live and you know it’s time to move be it a new home or a new area altogether. Ask yourself why you want this and what this will mean to you.

You can keep a piece of paper visible to keep you motivated with the following:

  • name the accomplishment
  • give your project a title
  • what needs to be done by when
  • how would you like things to end up
  • identify upbeat reasons for pursuing the goal


Define greatness, challenge the limits, double the goal, or try something new…

These are just some of the sentiments that put our plans into action and move us towards results. Look around and witness the very essence of commonplace activities being tested and re-imagined.

Such as schools re-defining Physical Education by bringing in activities ranging from kickboxing to more esoteric offerings like tai chi and yoga.

And with the introduction of Blogs, an international conversation is in full swing with millions of links and a central clearinghouse inspired by immediacy, intrigue, and tension.

Raising the bar on a project can simply mean taking one extra step, having an allegiance to a weird idea, or devoting to a regular practice. Commit to a goal in a meaningful way, personalize it & make it your own, and then watch an otherwise sleepy project wake up and give way to a new found energy, creativity and distinction. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

When I first started my coaching + mentoring business I knew what I wanted to do and even how I was going to do it – but I didn’t imagine it would be reimagined, reformed and then reemerge as The Rebels Den. I’ve now raised the bar on how I was going to show up, who I was going to show up for and how I was going to share my message with you. And it’s everything, I’ve ever wanted and much more.

Here are my tips to do that for yourself:

  • double the goal
  • challenge the limits
  • create a regular practice
  • raise your standards,values or beliefs
  • make it a game


Sometimes a goal deserves a break. It think it’s important to step away, so your mind has the opportunity to ponder how to get through the resistance. Suggesting that taking it easy is good for the brain, and what’s good for the brain is good for the overall psyche and soul.

Are you doing too much, not getting nourished and being exhausted?

Maybe its time to consider another path and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Pick up a book written by an expert, join a group that’s geared around your project, sign up for an informational newsletter, or ask someone to buddy up & help.

For instance, if you are writing a book and you are struggling to get it done, then you could join a writing class or find an accountability partner. Take some time to brainstorm what weekly tasks and activities could help you expedite the development of achieving your goal.

Another overlooked short cut is to consider smaller steps. The smaller the step the easier the goal. Back to the book writing reference, you could choose a word count to get done 3-5 days a week. It could be 500 words or 2000 words – but whatever gets you through the resistance is key and often when we are able to reduce the overwhelm, it’s easier to get done.

Key points for you to consider:

  • don’t reinvent the wheel-find someone who’s done it before
  • slow down or change the pace
  • keep to minimum daily standards
  • write everything down–loose ideas vs. lost ideas
  • the smaller the increments the easier the goal

I’ve taken everything I know and learned over the years and placed it into The Gathering – The online community for creatives, multi-passionate and the ones ready to break the rules + forge their own path.

No matter the goal you want to achieve, I believe working on your life is going to be important while going after the thing you want. You can receive and get the support and accountability to help you work through the chaos and focus on your goal one step at a time.

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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