Our experience at Virginia Credit Union Live

We recently went to Virginia Credit Union Live to see Devour the Day, Pop Evil, Sevendust and Skillet.

Let me start of by saying that it wasn’t uneventful for us, as we stood in line for an hour in the heat waiting for the gates to open and one of us had a bit of a hard time and suffered a heat injury. All is well and the med team was superb. They were curious and handled the situation really well.

Of course, in hindsight, we should have had water in the line or one of us could have sat in the car with the A/C – and truly the plan was to go in when gates open, get drinks and some food and find a spot in the pit. But that was delayed because there was sound check going on still when the gates were supposed to open.

Now I’ve been to enough shows that soundcheck really hasn’t delayed any entrance to an event but I suppose that with the bands that were playing that evening, they didn’t want anything crazy to happen.

Matt Poe - Seasons

Once everything was well – we found ourselves a spot and began enjoying the show. And look we ran into Matt Poe from Seasons. And yes shenangians followed this encounter.

Devour the Day at Virginia Credit Union Live

First up was Devour the Day and I even saw my kid jam out a bit here. Definitely worth seeing again as the energy was solid.

Pop Evil at Virginia Credit Union Live

And omg, I love me some Pop Evil. I had seen them a few years back at the Norva and they didn’t disappoint then nor did they on this day. He came into the crowd and did his thing.

Sevendust at Virginia Credit Union Live

It’s been well over 15 years since I saw Sevendust in Virginia Beach. I hear their music, jam to it but I don’t think anything has caught my attention such as Angel’s Son which was sang this night with a special dedication to someone who has lost their life to cancer. By the end of the song, I had tears in my eyes and need to hug my kid – yes, emotions run deep on this one.

Skillet at Virginia Credit Union Live

And then came the whole reason we were there in the first place. Skillet – which happens to one of the favorite bangs that my kid has. If you read the last music corner, you’ll know this is only his second concert.

The difference with this one is that we were in the pit, close to the stage and Skillet kicked it off rightly but then 2 songs in – everything stopped. There was a severe storm nearby and you could see the lightning. It’s not the end of the world but…

The venue originally said it would be delayed but not even 10 minutes later it was cancelled with the indication that it would be reschedule. I get the safety issue and all and on our way home the rain was a bit dicey (we live about 2 hours away from the venue).

I am hoping that Virginia Credit Union Live comes through on this. My kid isn’t one to always show emotions but I could see how excited he was to be so close upfront and see this band. Crowds aren’t always his thing – hello autism – and even though he didn’t get to see the entire set, he did say he had a great time the following day.

We call this success despite the initial events and the cancelled set.

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