Are you making your goals non-negotiable?

Apr 7, 2020Reflection

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Do you make your goals important enough and a non-negotiable for you? 

Sometimes the most challenging commitment is the one you make to and for yourself. 

I know this because I enjoy running but haven’t made a big enough commitment to do it consistently. I know it’s good for my health and my mindset. And yes, I too make excuses for why I can’t. 

Like it’s too cold. 

There are many ways I can find a way to run or at least get my body moving for just a little while. 

Being a parent is often hard and demanding, special needs or not! And it can make your goals a little harder to achieve sometimes but I also know is the kind of parent you want to be, requires stamina and dedication. 

And more than often, it can feel like you are failing your kids because you are spending 30 minutes on what you want to do. 

You spend 30 minutes on your passion and feel guilty you weren’t present for your kids. 

You can fulfill your dreams of being a writer, an artist or an entrepreneur without feeling guilty. If you think about the outcome, how much more fulfilled will you feel as a parent and as someone who goes after what they want? 

Every day you are doing the best you can. 

You can’t do more than your best. 

But I really want you to know that you can be the parent you want to be, the artist you want to be and the entrepreneur you want to be. 

Because it’s time! 

Time to follow through and finish your ideas, projects, and goals. 

You can have the career you want when you make the commitment and make it a non-negotiable. 
You can have the health you want when you make the commitment and take the actions. 
You can be the parent you want to be when you make the commitment to be that parent. 

It doesn’t have to be one thing OR the other. 

It can be whatever you want it to be if you are willing to stop accepting your life for what it is and make it what you to want it to be.

To help you get started making your goals non-negotiable, I have a free Dream + Play Bigger Workbook! 


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