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Mar 30, 2020Interviews

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If you’ve not heard about KrashKarma – well that’s a bit of a shame. This rock duo is setting themselves apart – Ralf is guitarist-bassist all rolled into one and Niki hits the drums and both bringing the vocals to the show.

I had the pleasure of interviewing them – watch below:

KrashKarma is based out of Los Angeles. Ralf shared that he created his own Guitar/Bass Prototype giving them to ability to remain a duo – which has its advantages of keeping conflict and disagreements to a minimum.

The conversation took a bit of a turn when the connection was made that Ralf as well as myself are from Germany and briefly talk about how the metal scene is different in Europe versus the USA.

KrashKarma lives and breathes their music and they use real life situations as their inspiration for their music. Check out this video called the Cure – their response to the current pandemic situation.

Niki and Ralf share that while they are quite happy people, their music has a dark undertone which speaks to most metal heads for sure but Ralf stated that it’s hard to make a happy heavy metal song. And in general it is about feeling the emotions and not holding them in.

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