How to stop watering your fear and watch yourself grow

Nov 4, 2015Mindset

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You can’t create your dream when your mindset isn’t in the form of believing and winning.
When you have limiting beliefs and fear, you will never achieve the vision of your dreams.
The key to overcoming this fear is that you must always work on your mindset.
Acknowledging the fear is super scary because we feel truly feel like we can’t do something and it holds us back from creating the thing we love and want to much in our lives.
I have fears that paralyzed me. While I was doing all the things I should be doing, something didn’t click well.

I have a fear of success.

What if I am successful? What will people think? Will I lose my friends and be lonely?
The truth of it is who cares what people think and I already know the friends I have now wouldn’t abandon me because I am successful. Instead, they would be celebrating with me. That’s what friends do.

I have a fear of proving people wrong.

My whole life has been about proving people wrong, and I have done so time and time again. And the people I am trying to prove wrong, well they are all in the past anyway and have no bearing on my present or future.

Fear of blowing smoke up my own arse.

What the heck is that all about? I mean seriously. I know what I can do because I have done it myself time and time again. But without a doubt, there is a time or two where we all doubt our own abilities. Yet, I keep showing up and wouldn’t you know that it’s all crazy talk because when I get on the phone with a client or share something on social media – they are breakthroughs and they are feedback showing me the evidence that I am doing good in this world.
My biggest breakthrough from this is and was to share my experience with others. And then I gave myself a good cry because it’s such a good way to release all that we tend to hang onto.
And I am sharing it again because of someone, maybe not you, but someone needs to hear this.
It’s okay to face your fear.
Acknowledge it and let it know it exists.
But here is where my knowledge and experience come in:
Get up and do it anyway.
Get up and create your action list for the day and knock it out of the park.
Get up and go do some exercise because it changes your endorphins
Get up and do something fun like dancing or watch a clip of Jimmy Fallon
Get up and do some art

But whatever you do – don’t you dare give up!



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