How to honor your needs

Nov 5, 2019Intuition

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You’ve all had those situations before where you lose perspective. You try to stay in control around the situation and don’t often realize that you are too enmeshed in it and can’t see the big picture. It happens to the best of us. And it’s in those moments you need to gently nudge yourself to honor your needs.


You’re also super hard on yourself. You struggle to let go of guilt because you feel like you’re not doing enough and find it difficult to step away even for just a moment.

You feel like you can’t step away because if this situation or that problem isn’t dealt with the world is going to end and you can’t be responsbile for that.

Ask yourself where you’ve not honored your own needs.

Give yourself permission to rest and just be.

In fact, your solution or decision to be made will come to you when you allow space to do nothing. You can be in the moment still receive answers from your own intuition collaborating with your mind. You’re always guided through these moments and maybe it’s time you trust the signs and omens coming your way.

I see this time and again even in my own life. When I get too frustrated and try to push through a goal or situation nothing is working. But the moment, I choose to step away, the moment I allow being in the flow of things and everything starts to run smoothly once again.

Stepping back allows you to look at a picture with fresh eyes. During this time, make space for the creative, imaginative and magical side of you and trust your creative spark and give yourself permission to express yourself in a way that feels good.

This can be through writing, drawing, painting, dancing, playing music etc

You have the resources to get through the challenges, but when you get too close, it becomes clouded and we forget the knowledge we hold.

Using your creative muscles distracts you in such a way that it can often bring the answers you want to solve a problem and find a resolution to a situation.

When you push too hard you feed the frustration. When you notice the frustration, you can get back into the flow of things. Trust your intuition and honor your needs.


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