20 Happiness and Joy Affirmations

Happiness and Joy Affirmations are statements you say to yourself that are typically stated in the present and as if they have already happened that help you set intentions to get what you want.

They help boost self-confidence, create inner peace, spread love, and joy that is within you. Affirmations can be used for any personal development and growth purpose. This is one of the best ways to create the dreams you want, and a lot of it has to do with manifesting the things you find important in life.

Here are 20 Happiness and Joy Affirmations for you to use!

  • I will allow myself to find joy in every day and share it with others.
  • I will promote being happy over the little things in life.
  • I will spread the joy from within me.
  • I allow all of the happiness to enter my body.
  • I will not accept fear or doubt, but only joy and peace.
  • Happiness is the key to success.
  • Spreading happiness is a value I will teach my children.
  • I will create a place of happiness and joy for everyone to walk into.
  • My body is a temple ruled by peace and happiness.
  • I choose to be joyful.
  • I will create life and laughter in every situation.
  • I will keep my mood light no matter what happens today.
  • I will feel happiness right now.
  • I radiate happiness.
  • I am good at making others happy because I am happy.
  • I will laugh loudly today.
  • I am choosing to have a positive attitude.
  • I am genuinely a happy person.
  • I do not deserve sadness or anger.
  • I am focused on creating a life full of joy.

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