Dream Interpretation can help with a happy life

Oct 14, 2020Intuition

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While dream interpretation is often met with curiosity, it’s also seen as junk science. However, even if one interpretation of a dream may be conjecture and opinion, the fact is – dreams do mean something, and they can give you information that you need to create a successful and happy life.

If You’re Mentally Healthy

Many people report more dreams when everything isn’t going well mentally and emotionally. If you’re having a challenging time in life, that is going to show up in your dreams even if you’re not consciously aware of the stress you’re under.

For example, a common dream reported during stressful times for women is dreaming that their teeth are falling out. This can signify a fear of the unknown, fear of getting older and many other things..

What You’re Focused On (Or Should Focus On)

Sometimes dreams focus on something besides what you’re doing in your waking life. For example, if you’ve been avoiding a serious conversation with someone you may end up having those conversations with these people in your dreams. Those dreams can help you realize what you should focus on in your life, especially when you’re avoiding something.

About Your Possibilities in Life

Sometimes dreams are complete fantasy and can signal something you may want to do with your life that you’re not actively working toward but should be. For example, you may see yourself in your dreams on a white sandy beach, or climbing a mountain, or even on a sailboat.

This type of dream opens your creativity and love of life and can help encourage you to follow those dreams. If you find yourself having amazing dreams about life that you’re not living, ask yourself if you want to make changes or not. You never know when everything will change.

When you wake up, write down what you remember of your dreams right away. That way, you don’t forget them in a dream journal. With practice, you can remember more of your dreams each night, track what you dream, and use them to help you plan actions to take in your woke life that can vastly improve it on every level. You can even, with a lot of practice, have what is called lucid dreams. This means that you know you’re dreaming and can control the dream to a point. This is very useful if you’re having nightmares because you can better manage the nightmare.


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