25 ways to uncover and trust your intuition

Do you trust your intuition or do you questions everything about it?

For many years I would doubt my gut reaction because I hadn’t learned how to trust it. And then I became a mom to my youngest and I didn’t have a choice.

He was born with a rare genetic disorder (we didn’t know of 4 years what it was) and it was my intuition that told me something was seriously wrong. And when we finally got an answer and the validation I understood that my intuition was my internal wisdom center.

  1. You can feel it in every fiber in your body
  2. The energy around you feels wonky
  3. You’re getting the message to leave
  4. Your instinct is to cancel the day
  5. Something doesn’t feel right
  6. The nagging thought/feeling won’t go away
  7. You say yes or instantly
  8. You’re ready to flee the room
  9. It’s an immediate yes or no
  10. You have vivid dreams
  11. You keep catching the clock at a specific time
  12. You’re an empath
  13. You just know things
  14. People can’t lie to you
  15. You’re in tune with your body
  16. You analyze your safety
  17. You have the knack for something without too much practice
  18. You arrive early or late finding out it saved your life
  19. You predict the reaction of another person
  20. You have unexplainable insight about people or situations
  21. You are startled for no reason but know somethings happening
  22. You feel relief when you make a decision
  23. You don’t listen to shiny object syndrome
  24. You don’t experience fear or missing out
  25. You allow your gravings

Some of these just are and you already know that you are trusting your intuition in that area while in other areas you still doubt yourself.

At some point, trust is inevitable, like you can’t help yourself to allow your intuition to be that internal guidance center.

There’s so much relief that comes with that it’s really hard to experience.

Share with us a moment your intuition was spot on.

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Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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