I am currently in the process of writing my next book and the idea just came to me. But how to find your book idea can at times be challenging. I often keep post-it notes or a piece of paper with book ideas handy. Sometimes they develop into more and sometimes they develop into something completely different.

Writing a book when you know what you want to write about is pretty easy, but if you are trying to write more and more books, finding good subject matters can be a bit of a challenge.

And even though I’ve got tons of ideas and at the current time 5 more book ideas in my head, I too get stuck every now and again. And nevermind that I write 5 days for the blog on top of it. Here are some ways for you to find your book idea!


Blogs are a great place to find ideas for your article as many different things are discussed on blogs. People share their opinions, ideas, experiences and questions.

Social Media

Social Media is a good source of information as well. Follow the discussions and see what things people are interested in and need to know more about. I have found a ton of content for my blog as well as my books.

Email Discussion Groups

Another way for you to get involved in the discussions. Find out what information people are looking for. Not only can you get ideas for your books, but you can learn a lot as well and make some new contacts.

Internet News Sites

Keeping up with the news can aid you in your book writing because you are keeping abreast of new developments, ideas, technology, etc. Research and write your chapters in a way that keeps your readers informed.

Read through your email

Take note of what people are asking you about and what they are most concerned with. Keep a file on hand and record all questions that can be used to create a powerful article. Anytime I get an objection or a question – and even some unsolicited advice – I keep those pretty handy.

Subscribe to ezines

Ezines (still a thing) can be a goldmine of information and ideas. They allow you to keep up to date on the latest products, programs, business opportunties, etc. Some of this information can make great chapters for a book.

Do a survey

Write a two or three question survey and send it out to associates or discussion group members or better yet, your subscribers. Give your readers the information and news they are looking for.

Read other books

By reading other books, you can come up with an unusual twist or angle for an overused idea. It sometimes helps to get different views and insights on the same old idea. NOTE: Never copy information or content from an article, ezine, or website.

What would YOU like to know more about

Pick a topic you need to learn about, do some research and turn it into a book. This is a great way to learn and become an expert in a topic.

Always keep an open mind and eye out for book ideas. After a while, you will begin to see ideas automatically all over the net. Keep a notebook handy and when you think of an idea write it down in your notebook. I actually write my thoughts and thoughts on my phone.

And if you’re like me, you may also be lying awake at night thinking about ideas. You can keep a notebook handy next to your bed so you don’t lose them.

Books can not only establish you as an expert if you focus on non-fiction and build a business with them. And if you are inclined to write fiction, this can help you expand on character development and more.

If writing books is your dream then find your book idea doesn’t need to be totally complicated. So don’t let a little doubt stop you from making this big step towards success!

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Petra Monaco

Petra Monaco

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