I’ve written a book in 14 days, so I know you can write that book in 40 days. I am currently in the process of one fiction book and one non-fiction book and I’ve allowed other things to take priority of actually sitting down and writing the words.

Leonie Dawson is running another live session of her course “40 Days to a Finished Book” and since I’ll be in that round, I thought maybe you want to join me.

I’ve been a long time fan of Leonie and in many ways she’s my spirit animal of sorts. She’s real about her world, funny and in fact, knows a thing or two about the work she does.

Write that book in 40 days

But why would I invest in a course to help me write and publish a book if I’ve done it a few times already?

Good Question – and the answer is that you just never know everything and that if you have goals in mind you look out people who have done what you want to do. And then you make that investment for yourself to go to the next level.

My life and business has been shifting for just about a year now, and I’m always reminded that writing, in addition to my art, is that thing I want to do for life. I have so much to say about so many things and while the blog offers me plenty of opportunity to do so, I also like my name on a book cover. It’s really a nice feeling.

I’m a huge fan of accountability and support as well as promoting people’s work that resonates with me. And while Leonie’s course is about getting that book written and published, I am planning on using the information I gain to improve my marketing for the previous books.

So why should you and I learn from Leonie together?

She has sold well over a million dollars in books

She’s an Australian AND internationally best-selling author

She has hit #1 and #3 at the same time on Amazon Aus for ALL BOOKS!

She’s had incredible success through self-publishing and getting herself a publishin deal

Leonie Dawson

It often pains me to know that people make excuses of why they can’t write a book. The downplay themselves and don’t believe they have a message too sure and a story to tell. And yet it’s churning inside of them to get it out, waiting for the proverbial sign that this is the moment.

So let this be your sign and finally commit to writing that book that’s holed up deep inside of you and join me in Leonie’s course and let’s write that book in 40 days.

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