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Oct 6, 2019Business

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When I started my first business endeavor creating and selling my art, I I started blogging blogging and would do so on the regular but then my son was in the throws of a 24/7 medical crisis and I took a bit of a step back from it.

In fact, I started blogging about his journey with frequent updates and will soon be relaunching the blog with a new name and mission behind it. But throughout this journey with my son, I knew I needed a way to make money preferably from home so that I could tend to his needs and take him to his appointments.

There’s nothing worse to me personally, when your child has frequent appointments and your boss is breathing down your neck telling you that you are missing too much work because here’s the thing, we didn’t know if he’d make it as far as he did (just turned 16 this year).

I was so desperate to find anything else that I started looking up ways to make money online. And because I love to write, I discovered the ways of blogging and how to make money. And after 8+ years, I still don’t hate it, in fact, I actually LOVE everything about it and it gives me the kind of schedule that fits my life of a special needs mom.

It can be hard to see if your efforts are paying off and there were times I wanted to quit and just walk away from it all and go back to the j.o.b. but I couldn’t see myself working for anyone else. And so I kept going and here we are.

Blogging has totally transformed my life. I enjoy the work and now I have power over my schedule, instead of the other way around.

If you feel the way I used to, I am SO excited to tell you about something that is so comprehensive, you’ll be able to start your own blog today – and learn much faster than I did, without making all my mistakes.

In particular, it includes a ton of resources for the first steps you should take with your blog, getting started with affiliate marketing, and what you tools you don’t need.

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit comes with 94 eBooks, eCourses, printables, videos, workbooks, and more, you’ll be able to find all the trainings and resources you need to grow your blog. 

How I started blogging

Plus, it’s like your own personal library on all topics like content creation, design & branding, email marketing, monetization, Pinterest, and so much more, that you can reach for again and again.

Truthfully, it’s the resource I wish I’d had years ago when I started my blog. It would have made a world of difference. (And at a 97% discount, it’s super affordable for anyone!)

This bundle sale is over on Monday, October 7th at midnight. It’s just a super short sale (hence the discounted price) so don’t miss it!


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