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Apr 10, 2019Business

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If you’ve ever thought about starting a business it can be challenging on deciding what to do and while I prefer to operate from what brings my heart and soul absolute joy, it can be challenging to know what options are available.

So I’ve compiled a list of business ideas you could start providing the passion, interest, and skills match the career. And of course, I believe anything is learnable if you find it is calling you!

  1. Start a blog
  2. Write Non-Fiction Books
  3. Jewelry Artist
  4. Pyrography Artist
  5. Copywriter
  6. Graphics Artist
  7. Web Designer
  8. Virtual Assistant
  9. Mindset Coach
  10. Life Coach
  11. Business Coach
  12. Online Business Manager
  13. Marketing Specialist
  14. Handyman Services
  15. House Painting Services
  16. Gardener
  17. Bookkeeper
  18. Accountant
  19. Soap Maker
  20. Candle Maker
  21. T-Shirt Design
  22. Coloring Page Designer
  23. Herbalist
  24. Aromatherapist
  25. Massage Therapist
  26. Crochet Artist
  27. Knit Artist
  28. Online Courses
  29. Ebooks
  30. Consulting
  31. Podcasting
  32. Direct Sales Consultant
  33. Affiliate Marketing
  34. Facebook Ads Management
  35. Social Media Management
  36. Business Strategist
  37. Landing Page Specialist
  38. Travel Agent
  39. Life Insurance Agent
  40. House Sitter
  41. Pet Sitter
  42. eBay Seller
  43. Landscape Photographer
  44. Animal Photographer
  45. Portrait Photographer
  46. Wedding Photographer
  47. Karaoke DJ
  48. WordPress Consultant + Specialist
  49. Catering Business
  50. Solar Panel Business
  51. Fiction Writer
  52. App Developer
  53. Sales Strategist
  54. Food Truck
  55. Beer Brewer
  56. Coffee Roaster
  57. Cupcake Creator
  58. Bread Maker
  59. Proof-reading and editing
  60. Ghost Writing
  61. Fitness Trainer
  62. Yoga Instructor
  63. Product Reviewer
  64. YouTube Channel
  65. Make-Up Artist
  66. Caregiving
  67. House Cleaning
  68. Grocery Shopper
  69. Dog Walker
  70. Real Estate Agent
  71. Musician
  72. Start a Podcast
  73. Refurbish and upcycle furniture
  74. Logo Designer
  75. Laundry Service
  76. Event Planner
  77. Wedding Planner
  78. Personal Chef
  79. Hair Stylist
  80. T-Shirt Printing
  81. Branding Specialist
  82. Fashion Stylist
  83. Birth Doula
  84. Death Doula
  85. Reiki Healer
  86. Child Care Provider
  87. Landscape Services
  88. Public Speaking
  89. Dance Instructor
  90. Voice Over Services
  91. Career Coach
  92. Writing Coach
  93. Productivity Coach
  94. Resume Writer
  95. Meal Planner
  96. Nutritionist
  97. Health Coach
  98. Drop Shipping
  99. Private Label Rights Content
  100. Auto Repair

As you read through the list, which one piqued your interest? Which one had your “OMG that would be awesome” reaction?

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