Happy Employees, Growing Business: Why the Work Environment Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic made businesses operate remotely. Employees fulfill their roles at the comfort of their homes, reaching out to their managers and colleagues via digital channels. However, now that the new normal is in effect, companies have reverted back to the usual where employees work at the office.

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This begs the question— if employees can be productive while working remotely, will working at the office make a difference?

Well, yes. However, employees can only be productive if there’s a healthy working environment. Here’s why.

Reduces absenteeism and tardiness

They say that time is money. And in business, every minute lost can cost you.

When employees work in a hostile environment, they are more exposed to stress and fatigue. They may oversleep or become sickly which can lead to frequent lateness and absences.

However, when employees are exposed to a healthy workplace, they become motivated. They look forward to each day, excited about how they can add value to your business. As a result, they strive to arrive on time or even earlier at the office so that they can start their day immediately.

Encourages collaboration and communication

Collaboration is one of the secrets to business growth. After all, your business has different departments working together to achieve a single goal— thrive in a competitive market.

A healthy workplace promotes collaboration and communication among staff. Employees are comfortable to speak their minds, offering suggestions and raising concerns regarding their work. However, if employees feel like they can’t voice their concerns, they often tend to keep it to themselves which can only make the problem bigger.

Increases productivity 

Businesses aim to be profitable in the long run. Well, who doesn’t? And to achieve this, you’ll need to maximize your resources including the workforce.

Healthy work environments can increase employee productivity. This means that employees don’t consider their workload to be an obligation or burden. Rather, they are dedicated to fulfilling their roles and accomplishing their tasks, resulting in better performance. They can use tools effectively to fulfill their roles. For example, employees can use Zoho Subscription Expertise for customer management to ensure customers are satisfied and payments are received.

Reduces in-work accidents and injuries

A healthy work environment also ensures a safe workplace for employees. Owners and managers bear the responsibility of safety in the office, and should therefore implement policies to keep it safe. A great example of ensuring workplace safety is ensuring there are no loose cables and wires to prevent trips and falls.

Many employees suffer from work-related injuries and accidents yearly, with some ending up in death. When the workplace becomes unsafe, employees end up wanting to leave which can result in high employee turnover or even reputational damage.

Achieving business goals is every business owner’s dream. You’ll want to stay profitable in a competitive market and make an impact on your customer base. There’s no exact formula on how you can achieve business goals, but there’s no doubt that creating a healthy workplace for employees is one of them.

A healthy work culture and environment increases employee productivity and well-being. They feel motivated and appreciated, making them strive to help you get one step closer to success.

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