Create Landing Pages for Your Freebies

When it comes to lead magnets, you want your landing page to be very focused on the people who need the freebie you’re promoting and the freebie itself. Don’t try to appeal to everyone, and don’t get off topic about the benefits of the solution you’re offering. It can help to use software to create landing pages such as to make it all work seamlessly together.

Follow these tips to create landing pages for your freebies.

  • Hook Your Audience Early – If you want your audience even to notice your freebie, you need to use the right words, images, and information to attract them. Learning all you can about your audience will help you know the right words and information to use.
  • Keep the Focus Narrow and Only About Your Lead Magnet – You know that you have other products you want your visitors to buy from you, but don’t talk about any of that on the landing page or opt-in form for your freebie. Be focused on only what the lead magnet does for them.
  • Speak Directly to Your Target Audience And No One Else – Not only do you have a general audience who needs your offers, but you also have buyers who are in various places on their buying journey. For example, the person in the awareness stage needs a different freebie than someone who is in the decision stage.
  • Highlight the Benefits of Your Offer – Like any sales page, you want to remember to only talk about the features of the offer in terms of the benefits it offers your audience. They need to know what’s in it for them as plainly as you can tell them.
  • Remind Your Audience What They’re Avoiding – Adding information about what the audience segment is avoiding helps too. Some people call this ìpoking the bear,î but it really just means that you bring up the pain they’re trying to avoid in the sales copy.
  • Include a Call to Action – If you’ve not clued into the fact that you need to include a CTA almost every time you communicate with your audience yet, let me help. Include a CTA on your landing page within the opt-in form that describes the benefits of the solution in a way that resonates with the targeted audience member.
  • Add Social Proof – If you have it, including information that builds trust, that helps too. Testimonials, quotes from others about you and your solutions, and even showcasing the number of people who have downloaded the freebie can help provide that additional push.
  • Keep it Short and Sweet – Your landing page for a freebie doesn’t need to be long-form and should not be long-form. Save that for your paid products and services. Ideally, you want them to see your offer and sign up within just a couple of minutes.

It can help to look at popular examples of landing pages for lead magnets on popular websites. Many of them are in the form of a pop-up or pop-under, not an entire page, and they work great. The shorter the landing page and form, the better for lead magnets because you want them to get the freebie, get on the list, and start using your solution fast so you can move them through your product funnel efficiently.

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