8 Signs Your Business Is Ready for Growth

If you’re finding yourself uninspired, bored and just going with the motions, then your business is ready for growth It usually shows up when you no longer enjoy doing the work and struggle to maintain the energy to get things done.

There are some clear indicative signs that will tell you if your business is ready for growth!

Sign #1: You Don’t Feel Challenged Anymore

I don’t know about you, but I love a challenge, whether it’s learning some new software or solve a challenging problem for my clients. This is the kind of stuff that keeps things exciting, so when that stops and you no longer feel challenged, it’s time to choose a challenge that will get you back into your business game.

Sign #2: You’re Bored at Your Current Level

Boredom with your business often shows up as an avoidance of important tasks. There were times that all I wanted to do was art instead of working on projects that could have created change for me or even my clients. So if you are spending time updating your website all the time, scrolling through the socials, or learning something that you don’t really need in your business, it may be time to check in with that.

Sign #3: You Want to Change Direction

I spend years building Petra Monaco as a brand but after some time felt called to go into a new direction and man that was some scary stuff! The thing is, the work I do didn’t change, but I felt that The Rebels Den as a magazine/blog with courses + services would be the direction I wanted and needed to go.

If you’re feeling a pull to change direction with your business, don’t ignore it. Often, a growth spurt starts as that one little idea that you can’t quite let go of.

Sign #4: Your Business Goals Are Easily Accomplished

Like any goals – in life or business – they have to push the boundaries of your comfort zone so that you try different activities, meet new people, and discover exciting passions.

But if you’re easily hitting your goals without even breaking a sweat, it can be a sign that your business has stopped growing. You need goals that keep you on your toes and challenge you to reach for new horizons. 

Sign #5: You’ve Stopped Trying New Things

Innovation is an entrepreneur’s best friend. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel every single time you start working. But if you’re not trying new things and experimenting, it’s a sure sign that your business is headed for a stall.

Your experiments don’t have to be huge or disruptive. You can experiment with your Facebook ads, with your social media captions, or with the call-to-action buttons you use in your emails.

But keep in mind that the more you change, the more you need to track. After all, you won’t know if the color of your “buy” buttons matters to customers unless you were previously monitoring your conversion rate.

Sign #6: You’ve Hit a Ceiling

One of the things for me was to have a bit of a broad niche in my business because it allowed me to tap into several passions and strength such as goal coaching, web design or virtual assistant services. One of the things I always keep in mind is live and work in such a way that I can go further than believed possible.

Things that are helpful to explore is to either grow a team or build passive income because if you feel like you’re constantly bumping up against a “ceiling” of money or time and you can’t go any further, your business needs a growth spurt.

Sign #7: You’re Watching the Market Change

Every industry goes through trends. These trends come and go as the seasons change. Sometimes, it’s wise for an entrepreneur to chase a trend and sometimes, it’s smarter to let them pass you by. Every year, the handmade world comes out with trends in terms of what colors are in and what products to sell. And this can be good when you are willing to adapt or develop a brand-new idea that will set you apart.

The thing is that there will always be major changes in any industry and it’s important to pay attention, keep some notes about it all because that revolutionary idea is literally a thought away.

Sign #8: You’re Attending the Same Events and Talking with the Same People

There’s certainly something to be said for consistency. But if you’re always at the same conferences with the same people, then your business will be affected. Maybe at first you don’t notice it.

After a while, your community and your business will suffer. You regularly need to be exposing yourself and your brand to new people. This means attending different conferences each year, going on retreats with entrepreneurs you don’t know, and taking part in workshops that are new-to-you.

So start attending two new conferences each year, pick ones that pushed you out of your comfort zone and allowed you to meet new people you wouldn’t have connected with otherwise.

Take a Chance and Grow for It!

It’s easy to put off a growth spurt. You may tell yourself that you’ll get to it when you have more money or more time. But rather than look at what a growth spurt takes from you, look at what it can give you.

A growth spurt in your business often brings a renewed focus, increased profits, and more enthusiasm for your work. It can spark new ideas, give you inspiration, and help you create more of what you want in the world!

Something that can help is to set a single goal for a month and take consistent action for 30 days! You can join me in the “From thought to Action” Challenge Club Membership where we take one goal a month and work towards – because challenging yourself to the next level is what will help you grow in life and business!

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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