Heavy Metal Music a form of expression

In this world, we have different types of music, something for everyone. Yet, for many years, Heavy Metal Music has been condemned as a bad influence for our teenagers.

This music has been around for so many years, its roots coming from Rock’n’Roll. Society still proclaims that lyrics of hate and anger could provoke the youth to become violent criminals.

Pen My Legacy - Heavy Metal Music

I beg to differ on this subject since I have been listening to this type of music for the most part of my life. I don’t act out or live what one says in those lyrics. The fact that this music is automatically “bad” irritates me.  Every one of us has their own taste and opinions about different things. This is what makes the world interesting and sometimes intriguing.

 Heavy Metal, to me, is almost like poetry. The individuals that write the lyrics are expressing their feelings and emotions, or how they see the world. Some of them even write about love. However, everyone has his or her own way of interpreting the lyrics.

One may not understand what the writer is trying to say, or doesn’t have an open mind for other people’s opinions. I for one, enjoy listening to this music, it brings a form of relaxation to me, which is more than likely hard to understand. I won’t just go and blow someone’s head off, just because this is what it says or how I feel.

Seasons - Heavy Metal Music

On occasion, I can relate to some of the lyrics. Yet, I do not believe, that this type of music makes anyone act our any more then they would without it. Personally, I think it depends on the values, morals and common sense someone lacks, due to no sufficient parenting. To me, it seems, that society is just trying to find a way to take the blame away from the original source. Feelings are not always calm, quiet, and full of love. They also consist of anger, hate, and pain. However, I do not deny that some people use this music as an influence on life. With that said, the question of who is to blame arises.  

Counselors, Psychiatrists, and some Psychologists want you to let your feelings out into the open. Individuals have their own way of doing so, some do it with writing and some do it with music.

Heavy Metal just happens to be different then what people would expect, I suppose. The acceptance of someone’s likings and saying that it okay seems to be a hard thing to do. The same kinds of lyrics are now found in rap music, or gangster music how some would call it.

There are expectations of you as a person, be a good citizen, get along with thy neighbor and work to pay taxes. However, why not have fun at the same time, with the things that you choose. Why not listen to Heavy Metal Music, or rap, or country, if that is what you like. It does not mean that you are a bad person or a good person. It is just something that you like to listen to on your own time. 

Similar hobbies and other activities including music are what bring people together. I don’t think everyone should be the same, because then the world would be dreary. The difference in people and what they do is what has some sort of excitement and makes this world a more interesting place to live.

Heavy Metal is only a different form of expression.

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