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Oct 10, 2019Self-Care

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Anytime you feel tired, pulled into all directions, it’s time to reflect on what is working and what isn’t.

I believe that when you are self-aware of how you’re not taking care of yourself then you can create a plan of honoring your needs.

I get it, we are always pulled into different directions in our lives and often wear many hats to do so. And we can even be resistant to embrace self-care because we think we are self-fish or inconsiderate. There are also moments that we work so hard and make excuses that hinder us from giving ourself permission to take a break.

It’s okay to take a time out.
It’s okay to honor your needs.
It’s okay to engage in self-care.

What is not okay is to not put yourself first.

If you are feeling frustrated because you are exhausted and you’re not sure how to make it through another day, it’s time to go for a quiet walk or take a long bath. Your thoughts and feelings will rise and be open to looking at them from the outside in. What is the message? What are these thoughts and feelings trying to tell you? 

Self-care can be writing about those thoughts, feelings, and messages. Having a journal that is your secret confident is that you can hide from the world. If something comes up in your relationships you can honor yourself by communicating what you discovered.

When you honor yourself, you are opening yourself up to receiving – whether it will be your next step or something else. 

Self-care can be as simple as reaching out and allowing to be supported by others. Don’t push them away during your challenging days – instead, invite them in. Share your thoughts and maybe let them pamper you for a change.

You give so much of yourself to other people and things in the world, why not give yourself some time alone to recharge?  


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