Some days are nuts – take care of you!

Mar 20, 2020Self-Care

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Some days are nuts and then there are days that really get the best of you. It’s a gentle reminder of being human and to take care of you.

And seriously, you can’t always have your shit together as much as you’d want to. And with all the demands placed on you by yourself or other people, it’s imperative that you take care of you.

It’s a huge challenge to carve out time where you can just switch off for a moment but if I have learned anything as a parent (special-needs included) making self-care a non-negotiable is super important.

This can be

  • mediation
  • exercising
  • watch a comedy
  • take a nap
  • go to therapy
  • whatever brings you the most joy

And get your partner or a friend involved. Ask them to tend to the kids if you have any. If your well isn’t full then you are going to be no good to those who you care for around you.

I don’t know about you but when I am able to get 10 or 15 minutes to myself, I feel better. I am refreshed and more energetic and even more focused.

And if you don’t have a self-care practice already in place, ponder these journaling questions:

  • What aspect of your self-care calls for more attention in your life?
  • When do you feel most replenished or relaxed?
  • What are you doing or not doing that help you feel this way?
  • How do you actively reduce stress in your life?

It may be time to consider adding a Health Journal to your daily activities to help you keep the focus on self-care and being your best self.

Here’s what you’ll get in the 365-day planner:

  •  An inspirational health quote to get you motivated each and every month
  •  Space to document your monthly health goals, bad habits to break and good habits to make to keep you on track each day
  •  A section to document your menu plan and a section to add your measurements to track your progress


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