Fear everything and Rise

riseFear is useful because it provides us with a signal of danger or we are at risk. But to stop playing small we need to face it and push through it instead of hiding from it.
We are hard working so we can avoid failure but self-limiting beliefs will push your clients away, tell you that you can’t be successful and you wonder if anyone will ever hear your message. This causes you to procrastinate and doesn’t allow you to acknowledge your worth.
When you reflect on past events that hadn’t gone as hoped or even as planned, take them as a learning lesson. Look at the actions that lead to the outcome and take note of what not to repeat or what you could do to improve on them.
Fear has the powerful ability to enhance our intuition. When you know, someone hasn’t been truthful with you, you learn to detect that in them and others. Your intuition is your internal warning system.

Failing at something doesn’t make you a failure.

It boosts your own strength because you can acknowledge that you have overcome some other challenging times and you have now more experienced.
Every time you fall, you will get back up and keep moving forward.

On the flip side of failure is the success.

So, what would it mean you are successful in your business?
Or perhaps you are becoming a best-selling author?
Or maybe you go after that promotion at your job?
You may fear what people will think of you such as you’re too good to hang out with because your income changed, your business up-leveled and you are all over sudden famous.
Maybe you fear that you end up all alone?
But your friends and family are probably super excited for you – and if they aren’t maybe it’s time to evaluate your relationships with them.
Success isn’t always rainbows and glitter but making a list of the pros and cons of a being successful at something can help you decide whether it is worth going after your dream. It will also help you get clear in some of the actions you will need to take to make it all happen.

Feeling successful is rising above the fear.

Before I really started to make money in my business I feared to be visible. By facing this fear and turning it into a goal helped me to really put myself out there.
My fear really stems from feeling abandon in my childhood, and it held me back because somewhere deep down I believed that if I’m successful my friends would abandon me.
But I also know that since becoming more visible, people are watching me. They are watching my actions, the words that I say and evaluate if I am real or not in my message.
And for everyone that is watching me, people are also watching you – and we are setting an example to inspire and motivate and help others believe that it is possible.
One of the things that have us playing small or downplaying our achievements because we tend to not want to outshine others. But what if you inspire someone instead?
By achieving your own dream, you are uplifting someone helps and give them the gift of possibility.

Repeat after me:

Everyone has a different dream and I am going after my dream. This has no impact on someone else’s dream.

You are setting an example of possibility because we are all unique when it comes to who we are and our own dreams.
Not playing big and going after your dreams will only leave you disappointed in yourself.
Think about your dream and your future.
What does it look like for you?
What does it look like for your family?
What does it look like in 5-10 years?
What will you be doing?
Where will you be going?
Who are the people in your life?
What about this dream brings you joy, happiness, and excitement?
Are you willing to crush your dream by playing small and continuing to self-sabotage yourself?

Fear everything and rise above it!

Your future depends on it!
But I don’t know what’s ahead!
It’s easy to stay in that comfort zone because it feels too risky to do anything else. The truth is that you don’t know what 5 minutes or 5 years from now looks like and by keeping yourself all cozy and comfortable you are denying yourself everything you want to create in your life.
Fearing the unknown only creates worry and when we focus on worry, we create even more worry.
So, let’s face our fear and rise above it.
Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen?
Go there within details.
Then write about what the outcome will most likely be like. Be realistic and honest with yourself, even when you must admit that your fear is ridiculous.
Now re-read everything and ask yourself which outcome is a) likely to happen and b) is going after your dream worth the risk.
Here are some tools you can use while you face fear:

  • Create a daily gratitude practice.
  • Use affirmations and mantras upon awakening and throughout the day.
  • Journal about your fears. What comes up for you and how valid is it. Do you have any evidence to support this fear to be true?
  • Create a success list and make this part of your evening routine. Write down all the things that went well on this day.
  • Mediate to help you be in the now and in the present moment. It helps you maintain centered and have peace within yourself.
  • Go outside and absorb the sunshine while taking a walk.
  • Visualize your dears about the unknown, the success and the failure and in your vision, have them disappear into the universe.

Focus on the positive possibilities and outcomes in your life as you turn your dreams into reality.
And just like we fear the unknown, change is closely related because again it’s asking us to step out of our own comfort zone.
Decide to commit to your dreams and that you are done bullshitting around.
Some change takes time but then we can decide how fast or slow we want to progress towards our dreams.
Don’t wait to make the steps towards your dreams and embrace taking action now.
How bad do you want your dream of owning your own business or write that book that has been lingering for years?

You can achieve anything you want by believing in you 100%.

Write a book?
Make a commitment to write daily for a specified amount of time.
Starting a business part of your dream?
Start researching and learning everything you can about being a business owner and all the things that need to get done.

Whatever your dream is, the time to start is NOW.

Face Everything and Rise means you acknowledge your fears and limiting beliefs and decide to not let them stop you from making your dreams happen.
Envision yourself in the future.
What personality traits do you have?
What does your mindset look like?
Take on those characteristics now. Decide that you will not allow yourself to hold back any longer and you are committed to who you are and your dream.
Here are the steps:

  • Stop feeding the fear and limiting beliefs
  • Believe in yourself
  • Create your life right now as if it’s already happening.

When committing yourself to face your fear, be really clear on why you want to achieve this dream.
Write in detail why you want to make this dream happen and what it will mean to you.
Every time you encounter a fear use this template to help you push through.
What am I being afraid of?
Actions steps to face the fear and rise:

Fear everything and Rise

But don’t do it alone!


About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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