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Nov 27, 2019Awareness

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This past week or two I came across DRAW – a non-profit that was founded on the premise that a single event of a natural disaster can bring a person to instant rock bottom.

How many times have you watched the news to see a community be drowning in the waters from the rains of a hurricane or a a small town eradicated because a tornado came through.

Member’s of the non-profit organization will head out to the impacted area to assess the damages and evaluate the needs of those impacted. A team is rallied together to bring supplies and perform the work to help the community to bring life to back that hopefully resembles something more normal.

And it all started with one person wondering how he could help those affected, reaching out to a few friends and within days they were on their way to an impacted area.

Their mission is pretty clear and impressive by helping and assisting on an average 7 natural disasters a year throughout the United States.

You can get involved by donating here or fill a bucket that will aid in their mission.

It can seem overwhelming to give to organizations – and my part perhaps is highlighting the non-profits on this blog that do good stuff – but Draw gives you amazing suggestions of what you can do to support their mission.

Check out their volunteer page here

Their impact has been huge – they have responded to 46 storm distastes in the last 6 years, are able to respond within 5 days of a natural disaster occurrence and gave away $1,010,000 worth of supplies since 2012.

I encourage you to check out DRAW and get involved – you can even read about some of their volunteers here!


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