Hi, I’m Joey Bevins and I am a person in recovery from substance use disorder. My clean date is 10/5/3015 and I haven’t found it necessary to have a drink or drug since that day over four years ago. I was at a real all-time low before getting clean. 

Everyone that ever cared about me had turned their back on me, a had lied stolen and taken advantage of just about everyone. I was driven by only one thing, the desire to get loaded. 

I went to a local non-profit recovery organization called The Mcshin Foundation where I received a medical detox under a doctor’s care. I also lived in sober housing where I attended groups, meetings and so on.  

It was there that I developed the coping skills that would get me started on my recovery journey. At the time McShin was the only organization of this type.  In the past few years, a few others have adopted the McShin model of peer to peer recovery. 

I am always raising scholarship money for them. The cost of housing is $135 a week but there are those who have nothing but a desire to stop using drugs. That’s where these scholarships come in to play. 

Two fundraisers in donations are able to house addicts who need help and I created the Rocking For Recovery Benefit Show. The organization this benefit show is for is VARR stands for Virginia Association of recovery residence.  They are a non-profit group that oversees and accredits recovery organizations that are running according to standards that have been established nationally by NARR (National Association of recovery residence). 

Joey Bevins - Rocking for Recovery

They work with several accredited organizations including McShin. This money from the Rocking For Recovery benefit will go to VARR to be evenly distributed to the organizations overseas to provide scholarships for those in need of services but unable to pay. 

I am also doing a raffle where I will be raffling off band merchandise and things and the grand prize is an electric guitar signed by all the bands playing.

That raffle money will go directly to McShin. The event is March 28th at Another Round Bar And Grill at 5 pm. It’s a $10 donation and food specials will be on hand as the 10 best bands of the around in the Richmond area that you really don’t want to miss.  

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Joey Bevins

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