Cancer Sucks

Aug 11, 2019Awareness

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You don’t ever truly believe that cancer is going to impact you and then you pause for a moment and realize that it’s more in your face than you want to admit.

My former mother-in-law passed away from cancer just a few years ago. A friend committed suicide after she had beaten her breast cancer. We all thought she was doing well as she started her own non-profit to help breast cancer survivors. And then just in the past few weeks, a fellow entrepreneur who I had the honor to have on my Rebel Shine Summit, lost her fight after her 5th cancer diagnosis. And we see it on social media probably every day where people are affected.

And it sucks on so many levels, for so many reasons for so many people. And when you are impacted by it, you become aware of various non-profits such as Cancer Sucks – established in 1998.

Cancer Sucks was established out of the pain and frustration that comes from losing a loved one to cancer, combined with the desire to do what we can to prevent anyone from experiencing the same loss.

Cancer sucks is run by volunteers – every one of them has been affected by cancer and their focus is to raise fund for research.

The have a whole page dedicated to resources such as hospitals, organizations and support groups. Check it out here and if you don’t see one that you are aware of, let them know!

You can find their mission by purchasing their merchandise here or simply donate to their PayPal account via their website.

We can no longer fight this alone. We must stand together to find a cure so that no one, young or old, will have to lose their life to this terrible disease.

Know of a non-profit that I should feature on the blog? Send me a message!


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