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Jun 1, 2019Awareness

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Being a parent can and often is challenging enough in my experiences and when becoming and being a parent of a child with extra needs it becomes a completely different beast.

Especially if those extra needs are related to anything medical and could mean the difference between life and death and everything in between. And it becomes the question:

How will you ever let them go to do their own thing? To be their own person?

When my son was diagnosed with a urea cycle disorder which then followed with several liver transplants, I couldn’t wrap my head around sending him to a camp of any kind.

I want to share with you about a local non-profit called Camp Holiday Trails and even though my son has not attended this particular camp I love and appreciate their mission.

Camp Holiday Trails (CHT) started in the mid-’60s with a vision from three doctors and through the collaboration of community support and land donation, it became a legal entity in ’73. Its mission is simple:

“To create a community that empowers children and teens with medical needs to thrive” Camp Holiday Trails

From life and work experiences, I know that children with medical needs often have daily challenges and CHT helps kids find new ways to manage while learning how to take safe risks.

As a mother of an extra needs kid and former camp counselor, I appreciate the training they provide for their employers. But more importantly, the on-site medical center with staff available and ready offers a little more security to parents wanting their kids off to a summer experience.

Sending your kids to camp can be nerve-wracking for any parent adds in some extra needs and it takes on a different life.

Interested in supporting Camp Holiday Trails? You can do so in the following ways:

The information is retrieved from http://www.campholidaytrails.org


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