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Jul 17, 2019Dreams + Goals

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Over the weekend, I woke up spending time with my coffee and my journal and something that had been in my head is the part where I believe people love the idea of writing a book, starting a blog or business. And I have to wonder if you really want to achieve you dreams?

But what they are finding difficult is to keep their butt in the chair and show up to do the work. They have a hard time to truly committing to doing the work whether it be internal personal development work to heal the stories they keep telling themselves about why they cannot or whether it is to write that blog post, chapter for the book or set consistent work hours.

In my own experience, it’s the fear, doubts, and self-sabotage that get in the way. Who are you to start a blog? Who are you to write a book? Who are you to be a business owner and charge for services for something you LOVE to do.  

But it’s also not truly knowing WHY you want to go after your dream and goals. Again the idea sounds amazing, perhaps you see other people doing it but you haven’t sorted out your own reasons for committing to do the work.

Here is what I know:

If you want to achieve your dreams you have to sort you why you want to have them.

  • Is it financial freedom?
  • Is it not wanting a boss?
  • Is it to be there for your kids (although I warn you they will grow up and your why will change).
  • Is it because you want to travel?
  • Or is it because you want to create change in this world?

If you want to achieve your dreams then you have to commit to it by setting boundaries and learn to say no to things that do not support you.

And you have to be willing to do the work, to sit down at your desk, to go networking, to reach out to people – simply to push those boundaries of your comfort zone.

There is perfect time, there is only now. Rebel Kickstart is a year 52 week coaching program where you get unlimited access to me via email and access to resources and tools that will help you go the next step.

So stop waiting and be willing to take a leap.


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