Being Fearless doesn’t mean you are without fear

Being fearless doesn’t mean you are without fear – in fact, you are fearless despite the fear. Remember the days when we would go Mountain Biking on trails without hesitation? Or we would play in he middle of the street never worrying about getting hit by a car?

A few years ago, we took our bikes on a trail and I watched my then 15-year-old be fearless in the up’s and downs of the trails – ahead of us, just doing it. Here I was pushing my bike up and down on parts fearful that I would bust my head open. Oh, to be that fearless again and taking the trails like it’s nothing.

But I question what happened to me? And does that happen to everybody? Perhaps not because I watched grown people – my age and older go on the same trail without hesitation.

Is it that some people simply become a different kind of risk takers… I consider myself someone who at times jumps right in fully aware of the risks that I am taking. Maybe I am just playing safe risks – huh what an oxymoron no? Though the depth of the risk various I suppose – as in one jumps out of an airplane (with the parachute of course) which is something I will never do – while others contend in their secure job and I tired of being a brick and mortar store owner – laying it all on the line.

I suppose for some people fearless and being risky change over time for various reasons. I remember being like my kid, riding on the trails like it was nothing and the adrenaline rushing through because the hill was almost too steep to take it on or because the path became so narrow that one wrong balancing move, you would have gone tumbling down.

I hope to overcome that fear… and be fearless along those trails once again as I think we hinder ourselves from trying way too often. Besides I would rather not push a bike 4 miles up and down a trail with roots and rocks on its path – it appears it may just be easier to ride it on the bike.

This leaves me to wonder what other areas in my life I am being fearful. And I suppose deep down I fear to let my clients down and of course my family. Being self-employed is perhaps a bigger risk than going down the trail on a bike. Every month may look different financially and that can trip you up in such that a job looks just a bit safer – but then going back to working for someone else feels wrong on many levels – at least for myself.

Sometime that I have learned in the last 5 years is to keep going, to keep creating content, to keep doing great work for my clients and to do one thing that brings me ease and a tremendous amount of joy.

Goals aren’t easy because it requires changes and changes are scary. But you can face your fear today by signing up for my free Goal setting Workbook and start taking action to achieve them! 

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Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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