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Jan 2, 2019Discovery

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Do you ever get in the car without actually knowing where you’re going? Or do you always have your GPS turned on needing control of the destination?

While it’s now Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, this is not an excuse to not have a kickass experience and if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, well definitely no excuse.

Ever since the kids were little, we’d get in the car and drive, and anytime we came upon an exit or a ramp or whatever, someone would yell out “left, straight, right”… leading the road trip where ever it may go. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite things to do and on the way home, you get to eat family dinner together.

And this is more than just about unplugging from social media, your everyday life and all the other things one must do.

Getting in the car without a destination really is about the adventure and to embrace the unknown and the ability to handle this life and business the same kind of way.

Anytime we go on a road trip like this, I am reminded to be present because truly too often you are too wrapped up in your work that when the evening comes you’re tired and don’t really want to pay attention to anyone.

But it’s in those moments you do get to live carefreely, to relax and forget about the everyday stresses you may have in your lives.

It’s about exploring the world around you and to remember life is too damn short to not embrace this adventure.

If you’ve never just gotten in the car without a destination, I encourage you to get over your fear and embrace all that you could discover on your adventure!


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