Be More Creative and Colorful in Your Journal

Jan 5, 2022Creativity

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You can be more creative and colorful in your journal – even if you dream that your journal will someday be the source of reading entertainment, amusement, and enjoyment by a large audience all around the world. You can make your journals as creative and interesting as possible for your own reading and for anyone in your family or friends circle that might actually spend some time reading it someday.

Always Think About Your Journal

If you want to have a creative and colorful, accurate journal, it is best to log away what has happened in your day as soon as it happens. It is preferable to get this information down right away before you forget some of the details of it. It is all too easy with our easy to fail us human memories to forget even some of the most interesting details of our day over time. 

The best option is to carry your journal with you everywhere that you go. However, if that is not an option for you, at least make sure you have access to a writing instrument and something that you can write on. Doing that allows you to capture the details of your day as they are happening. 

Use Journal Prompts

Your journal could be a collection of details about what happened during your day if you want it to be that, but it does not have to be. You can take some of the fantastic journal writing prompts available to you via the Internet. People are always posting new ideas that you could expand on. They are often questions that we might not have sat down and pondered in the past, or they might just be simple ideas for you to expand on. 

When you borrow these prompts, you are cutting out some of the creative strain that you might have put on yourself to always come up with great ideas for every entry. Let’s admit it, that can be incredibly challenging even for the most creative among us. Fortunately, we can always rely on someone out there to help us out with this. We can spend more of our time thinking about how we will write about the prompt rather than thinking of the prompt itself. 

Break Away from Narrative

There is no rule that says that you must write in your journal in a particular narrative format. In fact, if you choose to do so, you can write in it any way that you like. Maybe you have been working on some song lyrics that just need to burst out on the page. Alternatively, you could write down a top ten list of your favorite whatever. 

You might want to even throw some pictures in to the mix to make it even more interesting. You can get them made at just about any major retail store these days. Print them out and tape them into the journal for an even more memorable experience to read about and look at. 

Don’t Be Afraid To “Go There”

Sometimes the biggest thing keeping you away from having a creative and colorful journal is yourself. If you are censoring what you write in the journal too much, you might end up sucking all of the creativity out of it as a result as well. Many people do this for fear of offending some person who might get their hands on it in the future. The truth is though, you risk much more if you do not tell your story the way it is meant to be told. Censoring yourself just takes away from the heart of the meaning of a journal in the first place.


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