Importance of creativity and play

Have you ever pondered the importance of creativity and play in your life? All too often you’re too focused on work and all the things that need to get done and end up not making enough time or room for creativity and play.

Play is so crucial for our creativity and for living in the moment, it allows our brain to disconnect for a bit, to engage the subconscious to process all the going on in life and work. It has the ability to solve problems as you’re taking the focus of whatever has your frustrated.

There was a time in my life where I was so focused on doing all the things and never making room for play but then I also realized that my creativity, my artwork, that is my playtime.

Creativity and play

So how do you leverage the importance of creativity and play in your life?

  1. Stay with your idea and harness the creativity rather than focusing on the outcome.
  2. There is no magic pill or secret formula to doing life – just do and be you.
  3. No one is like you. You may be able to relate to similar experiences but you are still you.
  4. Money does not dictate your worth but how you inspire yourself and others – priceless.
  5. Acting from love is so much better than acting from fear.
  6. Act from inspiration, not a to-do list that drags you down.
  7. Let go of all the fears and stories that are holding you back from creating what you want.
  8. Engage in play by reading, creating art, writing, singing, dancing, hiking – whatever excites your soul.
  9. Don’t look at fear as a bad thing, instead embrace it, allow it to happen and recognize where it stems from in the first place.
  10. Trust your intuition. This is your sacred navigational beacon so allow it to guide you.

You have the power to make every day filled with fun, especially when things feel like a drag.

Not really sure what creativity and play look like for you? Then sign up for a clarity session and let’s get that sorted out!

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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