5 Steps to do manage your energy if you are an introvert

Sep 25, 2019Self-Care

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Are you an introvert? Do you struggle to manage your energy?

There has been so much discussion in the online world that creates divisions between introverts and extroverts. And yet, I feel like there can’t be enough discussions about it.

But here, I am only talking about my own experience here because I know that extroverts also need to honor and self-care or they too will experience a case of the burnout.

I didn’t know I was an introvert until I was in my 30’s. I didn’t even know the word existed nor what it meant. I lived all my life with the deep knowing that I was different while at the same time I was being taught that who I was, was the problem.

From a very early age, I was intimidated to talk about my problems, except that I didn’t feel like I had any problems. I was asked to smile more, to be more socially engaging and to put myself out there.

The only way I could maneuver this part was to consume alcohol because it gave me the “courage” to be more social with people but in the end, I only had superficial relationships, engaged in self-destructive behaviors and kept telling myself there was something wrong with me. And all it meant was that I didn’t know how to manage your energy!

Introverts and extroverts maneuver the world quite differently because of the way we engage and deal with the energy of other people.

Extroverts tend to thrive on the social aspect and often grave to be with and around people. They are the ones that we see and hear more often than we would an introvert.

But extrovert also has the need for downtime or quiet time but perhaps far less than an introvert does.

The danger for an introvert is that because the energy of people can be so exhausting, they become reclusive. They hide in their homes or behind their desk at work and fear from stepping because sometimes engaging with people is quite tiresome.

Introverts do like people and can be quite social and at the moment, can be the life of the party, but not without some cost, unless they have learned to really take care of themselves.

As I am highly sensitive and intuitive I pick up the energy of a room full of people usually before I enter the room. If I don’t already have a relationship with someone in the room, I tend to be quiet and reserved so that I can feel my way through the energies and find my comfort zone within. I am less like to engage in conversation with someone I don’t know, which people assume I am shy, which is absolutely not true.

Part of the challenge to an introvert is to put themselves out there, to be vulnerable and connect with people because we connect so deeply and sometimes we don’t always have the tools to protect ourselves from negative or heavy energy.

So, what can you do to keep yourself grounded and still be engaged in this world?

  • Be self-aware and engage in self-care. This can mean to take a bath or take a nap to recharge or watch mindless tv.
  • Ground yourself every single day by going outside, barefoot if you can.
  • Carry protective and grounding crystals, in your bra, or in your pockets.
  • Go into groups (online or offline) with awareness of yourself. Have an open positive mind that you will have a successful engagement with the people in the room. Remember mindset is everything – introvert or not.
  • Only share the things that feel good to share and do so a little at a time. Sharing too much too soon can leave you feeling exposed and have the opposite reaction.
  • Know that it is okay to say no or leave when it becomes too much for you.

One of my key things is to take a nap after I have been around a group of people. This key awareness has been super important when scheduling my week. Knowing how you react after will help you be prepared and engage in proper self-care.

I would love to hear from you on how you manage your energy!


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