13 benefits that you receive by creating art with the Wild Sisterhood to manage your mental health

In today’s climate, perhaps more than ever, mental health conditions are on the rise. There are millions of people who battle mental health challenges often in silence. Before I talk about the benefits of art for mental health, I want to share some facts with you.

And here are some facts I wanted to share with you:

  • 1 in 5 Americans have experienced some form of mental health issue
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death of 15-19-year-olds
  • The rate of mental health issues increases for those who have been through war, lived through a disaster, experienced trauma and are part of the LGBTQ community.

Read about 15 Mental Health Facts here:

Due to the stigma associated with Mental Health, people will often choose to not seek treatment. Some may believe that medication is the only way to treat mental health, which is inaccurate. There are several treatment options that don’t include taking medication such as therapy, exercise and other holistic options

My friend Shai from the Wild Sisterhood opened the Wild Creative Journey to embrace the healing that comes through the creative art process.

Wild Creative Journey

You may be wondering how art can help manage your mental health and I am going to share 13 benefits of art for mental health.

Relieves Stress because it reduces the stress hormone cortisol

No matter the skill level, everyone can benefit from creating art. While the level of the reduction in cortisol will vary, just 45-minutes can help significantly.

Read more about the study here:

Increases brain plasticity

Our brain is a powerful tool and by engaging in art you are allowing they pathways to expand to receive new information, skills, and habits.

Encourages creative thinking

Continuing on brain plasticity when it comes to engaging in creativity, it will expand your thinking skills and imaginative capalities that can enhance problem solving.

Helps you forget your negative feelings by breaking the symptom cycle

One of the key components I teach in self-management workshops is to break the symptom cycle usually as it relates to pain. However, we can take the same concept and apply it to our mental health. If you finding yourself struggling with negative thoughts, engaging in a creative outlet can break the symptom cycle by redirecting your minds focus.

You are actively meditating

For some quietly meditating in silence is a big challenge, myself included. When my son was ill in the hospital hooked up to machines, I started to doodle for hours on end. Paying attention to your breathing, tune out the noise and focus on your art is an active form of meditating. Because the brain and hands are focusing on the art you can induce a meditive state.

Feel a sense of achievement

After spending some time on your artwork, you can feel a sense of achievement. Taking a blank canvas and filling it can have the same effect as making a commitment as going to the gym. You have achieved the thing you set out to do.

Express emotions

When I underwent my graduate studies in Mental Health Counseling one of the modalities I was introduced to is Art Therapy – and its simply coloring or painting your emotions. You can designate a color for the emotions you are feeling and just intuitively allow the brush or fingers to color the canas.

Boosts self-esteem

When you feel better, your self-esteem will rise. And since art has the ability to reduce your stress and help you meditate, your self-esteem will then of course change over time and increase.

Increases Self-Acceptance

No body is perfect but you are perfect just the way you are. And there is a level of success you can celebrate when you step outside of your comfort zone because you’re allowing yourself to grow and heal at the same time. And in the process begin accepting yourself for you are you in each moment.

Releases judgment

It’s the perfect medium to let go of your own inner critic and judgment. In each moment we can only do our best – no more and no less. And more importantly, everyone starts somewhere before mastering the skill. Perfection is an illusion that we can never achieve and the perfect way to let go is by releasing the judgment.

Improves quality of life

Keeping all the above key points in mind, when you actively engage in art you, in fact, improving your quality of life. The less stress you feel, the more at peace you feel. When you feel more at peace, the better you can manage your mental health.

Ignite an old or new passion

Over the years, I’ve heard plenty of people tell me they are not creative or talented. About 20 years ago, I was about the same. I knew how to crochet but not much else. And then I learned about wood-burning and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t terrible. In fact, I started creating the art and selling them and unbeknown to me a passion was born.

Creates Unity

People of all walks of life struggle with mental health and there are so many communities that embrace art and bring people together. When we actively choose to unite in the Wild Creative Journey, we make a change not only individually but on a global level to remove the stigma around mental health but also heal in the process.

The benefits of art for mental health may feel small in comparison but on a larger scale can have a much bigger impact.

Join the Wild Creative Journey with me as we come together to manage our mental health and heal wounds through the creative process.

And if you read it all the way to the end then I have the honor to give 2 spots away but there’s a wee requirement. 

You have to tell me WHY you want to be in this course and what you hope to get out of this!

Please shoot me a message here – because this starts on the 20th of May, make sure you get your answers to me sooner rather than later. Don’t hesitate to ask for something you want and need.

P.S. If you sign up for the journey, I will receive a small commission but at no extra cost to you!

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