Self-Care is more than just going to the Spa

Jul 19, 2019Self-Care

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Self-care is more than just going to the spa! There’s this notion that self-care is about what we eat, how we work out and the nice things we do ourselves. Although those things totally matter in the bigger picture, there are other elements that you will want to consider too!

Think about everything in your world that’s going on. Some of the elements to consider is that when you don’t honor yourself, you allow yourself to be dragged down and before you know the way you look and feel about yourself is impacted. But there are some things that support your mission to be the best self you can be and give yourself the care you deserve – not just one day a week.

Consider Your Work Environment

Whether you work for someone or yourself, it’s can feel like a fight just to stay on top of everything. If you are constantly giving, giving and then give some more it will lead to resentment. The job or business you’ve previously enjoyed is now filled with negativity. While some competition can be healthy it’s pretty important to learn when to say no to working late or miss a meal just so you can stand out.

Other People’s Behavior

There are always the people that throw off bad vibes with their nagging, brown-nosing, complaining, or whining behavior. It will influence you if you allow it, so it’s important to acknowledge how people impact you. Pay attention when you engage with someone how they make you feel. Do they zap your energy or do you light up when you’re around them? Those are tell tale signs that will help guide you how much or little time you give to them.

Changing Environment

Change is not avoidable. Change is one of those things that will challenge in, may have some stress involved but how you respond to it with your ability to stay flexible can help you stay the course.

Past Experience

You may think that your past experience can’t impact you but they do because they may leave you living with regret. However, if you treat each failure and mistake as a lesson, you’re allowing your mind to feel a lot calmer, which is important for your self-care.

Negative World View

Look at what you’re looking at. Don’t wrap yourself up with all the negativities of the world. Engaging in your self-care will require you to look into what you are allowing into your space, physically and mentally. I’m not saying don’t pay attention to the news and what’s going on in the world, it pays to be informed. But sometimes limiting how much time you spend reading or watching the news is important to your overall wellbeing.

Determination Theory

You have your own identity despite the inherited traits or upbringing and current environmental surroundings. You can learn from other people’s experiences and avoid similar mistakes.

Being positive, and staying positive is a choice. Building self-esteem and drawing lines for self-improvement is a choice, not a rule or a talent. And self-care while recommended is also a choice. You can either honor yourself or you can allow yourself to feel run over all the time.

Engaging in active self-care can make all the difference in the world. And here’s the thing, taking a nap, reading a book, getting a manicure are all nice things you can do for yourself. But honoring yourself in your everyday life also contributes to your own self-care.

Creating the change you need to be your best self is no easy feat. It often feels like an uphill battle and struggle to just figure out what it is you even want and what would give you the kind of life that feels good and honors who you are.

The Rebel Kickstart is for you if you are ready to be honest with yourself that things aren’t working for you and that you are ready to make the changes needed in your life to be your best self.


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