10 reasons parents need support

Oct 22, 2019Family

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Parent’s surround yourself with other parents with kids of similar age and like-minded like you in your life. Parents need support that can’t be met by our partners!

There is nothing quite like with connecting with another person that “gets you” or what you are experiencing. Being a parent is your common ground, a foundation if you will.

Here are some reasons parents need support

  • Friends – whether male or female – are an amazing support
  • You should have at least one to share ANYTHING with
  • Surround yourself because you are not alone and there’s no reason you should be
  • He or she will challenge you in a healthy way
  • We all need to have some chatter about our kids to other parents
  • We need to talk about our partners – yes, we do …it helps us process things that are going well and not going well
  • We need to be able to bounce ideas off one another – sometimes our partner isn’t the best for this
  • It’s a lot easier to talk about your baggage to a friend than a therapist.
  • You will feel supported through light and dark days
  • We, humans, need human connection

It hasn’t always been easy for me to connect with others. I have cocooned myself into this bubble for fear of getting hurt by another human being.

But over the years I have learned that having support is crucial. To have a friendship with another perosn, where I can be unapologetically myself.

And I am forever grateful for meeting my best friend! There is no judgment, the only voice of reason if needed and a tone of fun conversations about everything and anything. It offers the opportunity for growth and the ability to see things differently.

So find yourself that person that can help you during the challenging parenting moments because parents need support to help you brainstorm with other parents can help you maneuver some of those crazy times.


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