Kids and their individual Milestones

Kids have their individual milestones and it’s time we stop comparing our kids about who does what sooner than another. My youngest turned 16 in June (holy moly) and if you know how he battled for his life through three liver transplants, you know it’s been a journey and for that a huge milestone.

And yes, life is so worthy of celebrating every day and even the milestones everyone reaches.

The challenge however is while your teenage son or daughter may be working towards their driver’s license, that will probably not ever be his reality.

I felt a moment of sadness when a friend commented about getting his driver’s license but it was fleeting because in the big picture kind of a way it really doesn’t matter whether he does or not. He’s alive and gets to be in this world.

Each kid is unique and they all reach the milestones they are supposed to and not necessarily what the world and society expects them too.

I have zero reasons to be sad about him to working on his driver’s license. And heck even my other kids didn’t get their license right at 16. Heck, I didn’t reach that milestone until I was 23.

I think it’s high time that we stop comparing our kids to see how is faster, smarter or more successful. Its time we start to focus on their abilities and create space for them to develop what they are good at but in a way that doesn’t stress or push them to the extreme.

But we ought to do this so they are not feeling like failures when they don’t achieve something or are unable to do something by comparing them to someone else.

My son may never drive a car but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going places.

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