You’re Stronger Than You Think

Oct 22, 2021Rebellion

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You’re stronger than you think. Looking back on what you’ve overcome and on past accomplishments is a powerful way to push yourself forward and to get back on your feet when you’re feeling down I want to talk about my favorite strategy to overcome hurdles. When we’re facing tough times, we frequently get down on ourselves. We feed ourselves negative messages and wonder if we’ll ever get things right. That’s a destructive pattern to be in and one that’s incredibly difficult to pull yourself out of.

Gain Perspective

We’ve all had good times and successes in our lives. It’s easy to forget that when we’re surrounded by struggle. Remind yourself of the things you’ve done well in your past, and you’ll soon start to gain perspective. You’ll see that you once were able to do something you’re proud of, which will let you know it’s possible to do it again. It’s good to examine your past accomplishments to deconstruct how you were able to get the job done back then. This exercise shows you that the same thing is possible now. 

Boost Confidence

You’ll probably start to feel more confident in yourself immediately when you reflect on something you’re proud of from your past. Instead of feeling despondent and full of despair, you can use your newfound perspective to remind yourself just how much talent and ability you have. Relish in how you were able to accomplish this past goal and use those feelings to propel you into believing positive thoughts about your current abilities. You’ll feel ready to face the world in no time because you’re stronger than you think. 

Feel Happier

You can even get a happiness boost when you revisit past wins. Immerse yourself in the emotions you experienced at the time and try to recreate them in the present day. This shot of positivity often builds upon itself to improve your mood all day long. Reminding yourself of your competence and skill is a great way to make you feel happy quickly. 

Get Motivated

Once you’re feeling more confident and happy, with a fresh perspective on life, you’ll feel far more motivated to tackle your to-do list. Rather than sink into depression or fall into destructive habits, you can use these positive feelings as a catalyst to get you moving toward your goals. A reminder of how you’ve overcome tough times in the past is sometimes just what you need to get motivated for the future. 

See what I mean about the power of remembering past accomplishments? Grab a pen and paper, and then start writing down some of your proudest moments and realize that you’re stronger than you think. Use that information to fuel your future success. 


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