Your Life is Worth Living

You know, there are two good things in life, freedom of thought and freedom of action. – W. Somerset Maugham.

You are indeed free to think whatever you want and take whatever action in your life. I see so many people pushing their needs, goals, and dreams aside simply because they don’t think they’re important or worth the chance of coming true. And I’ve heard it myself many times, to be realistic, it’s not safe to do x, y, or z. But the notion that your dreams never come true and to just stick with reality is the easy way out of not taking responsibility for yourself. It’s easy to just give up rather than to follow the guidance of your intuition. Playing it safe means being stuck at a job you hate, being in a relationship that doesn’t serve you, and playing by the rules set before you.

Following your dreams and your passions is a much harder path to travel but it can and will lead to the freedom you crave and deserve!

It’s challenging to starve off negativity when it is in our face constantly from advertising right down to your family and friends. And it’s not that people mean to be negative, but programing has taught them that it’s better and safer to say that you can’t do this or that, that it is out of reach, to stop living in the clouds and come back to reality. These thoughts and beliefs are ingrained from the messaging you received your entire life and the generation before you. And top it off we are not to question any of it and just stay ignorant and bliss, but that’s just existing and has nothing to do with living.

In my own journey people have told me that something can’t be done and for a while, I believed it, and then I met people that guided me and showed me that it could be done. Your life is worth living but you have to learn how to make a decision and how to differentiate in what to block out and what to not. Some people will never be able to wrap their mind around your journey as they have little faith but you can tap into your inner strength and allow it to shine and prove them wrong while you’re at it!

Your Life is Worth Living and you get to choose how that is happening. Every moment you have a choice to make, to play it safe, or to take a chance on your dreams and change your life. This isn’t about always being positive but being mindful of what you allow in your space. It’s about learning how to manage and handle setbacks and adjust things as needed.  You can live the life you want to live but it isn’t going to happen just thinking about it.

What are you willing to do to make it happen?

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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